Sebastopol Attendance Center makes list of nations best schools

Sebastopol Attendance Center was recently recognized on a list of the nation’s top schools.

In the 2018 U.S. News Best High Schools Rankings, Sebastopol Attendance Center earned a bronze badge and made the cut of the top 30 percent of high schools nationwide.

Out of 20,548 schools that were reviewed, Sebastopol was one of 5,958 schools receiving recognition on the list. In a prepared statement, the Mississippi Department of Education reports the schools on this list “scored high enough to earn a Gold, Silver or Bronze Best High Schools recognition.” Ocean Springs High School topped the list of Mississippi schools with a Silver Badge.

The rankings are based on test results derived from the student results on the school’s Mississippi Assessment Plan. Sebastopol test results show that in Math proficiency 91 percent of students taking the test scored at, or above, passing level and tested out at 74 percent proficiency (state proficiency is 30 percent). In Reading, 81 percent of students that were tested scored at, or above, passing and tested at 55 percent proficiency (state proficiency is 40 percent).

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