Weekend burglary at Forest McDonalds still under investigation


The Forest Police Department is currently investigating a burglary that occurred either in the late night hours Sunday or the early morning hours of Monday. The on-duty manager of the McDonalds on Highway 35 in Forest reported the break-in after arriving to work Monday morning.

Forest Chief of Police Will Jones said that the FPD is currently investigating a burglary that occurred at McDonalds, but declined to comment on further details of the investigation. “FPD is currently investigating the unlawful entry and burglary that occurred at the McDonalds either late Sunday night or early Monday morning,” Jones said. “At this point in time I cannot comment on details of the break-in or if any items of value were taken from the premises.”

This is the second after hours burglary that has occurred at the Forest McDonalds within the last nine months. The manger of the fast-food location declined to comment on either instance and directed all questions concerning the burglary to the FPD.

One McDonald’s employee said that when they arrived to work on Monday that there was money laying on the ground in the area of the safe. “There was money all over the floor by the safe when we first got there Monday morning. I mean it looked like a lot of money they left just laying all over the floor”

Both McDonald’s management and Chief Jones declined to comment on the reports of money being stolen during the burglary.

“At this time I cannot comment on if there was money or property taken from the location,” Said Jones. “This is an ongoing investigation and until the perpetrator, or perpetrators, are apprehended I have no further comment.”

Chief Jones did say that anyone with information about this case can contact either Central Mississippi Crime Stopper of the Forest Police Department.