Woods announces bid for coroner


Paid Political Announcement

I would like to announce that I am running for Scott County Coroner in the upcoming election, August 6, 2019. I have served as Deputy Coroner in Scott County, under the supervision and tutelage of present Coroner Joe Bradford, for the past two years. In addition to serving as Deputy Coroner, I am an active member on the Lake Volunteer Fire Department and a former EMT.

Serving as Coroner for Scott County would be my only job. Therefore, I can dedicate my skills and energy to completing the duties of Coroner in a timely manner. I have been serving as Deputy Coroner and am very familiar with the procedures and tasks required for this position. I would be able to immediately assume responsibility for office without a training period that most other candidates would require. This would be a big advantage for the county in that the transition from the current coroner to myself would be much more seamless.

I enjoy hard work, helping others, and face challenges with enthusiasm. I am often described as driven and focused, strive to treat everyone with kindness, compassion, and understanding. I eagerly look for every opportunity and resource available to expand my knowledge and understanding in all things related to the job so that I may continue to grow and be the very best for the community.

When I became Deputy Coroner, I instantly felt drawn to this line of work. It is important to me that scenes be processed in a thorough, but timely, manner while ensuring respect is always maintained and evidence preserved. I work closely with law enforcement, healthcare and emergency medical personnel, and the families to gain as much information as possible. Without these very important people, my job would be impossible, and I am grateful for their support and patience as I have been continuously growing and learning throughout the past years.

I believe that the deceased can no longer seek justice for themselves, so it is up to the living to find it for them. I am committed to this job and this county. I have been a resident of Scott County my entire life and would be 100 percent dedicated to serving the people of Scott County. I ask that you please help me by allowing me to serve you, the people of Scott County, as your Coroner this coming August.

Thank You For Your Support!

Experience Where It Counts, Proven Performance, Genuine Care.

Help me serve my Lord by letting me serve the people of Scott Count

Patricia Barrett Woods



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