America is doing quite well


The discrepancy between the news and reality has become so apparent that it should be news itself. All you have to do is turn on the television to see that America is in a dire crisis. Then all you have to do is turn the TV off and that created crisis comes to an end. Many national journalists have teamed up with Democrats in creating a fantasy world in the hopes it will drowned out the reality that America under President Trump is prospering.

The travesty of today is that one political party — the Democrats — control the news industry, the social media industry and the entertainment industry. The same party is convinced reality itself can be transformed by controlling the stories reported every day.

For eight years, the Democrats armed with their faction of the left-wing media talking heads and empty minded pens, did their best to create a fictional story about Barack Obama. We were told for the better part of a decade, he was the “next messiah,” a “man of change” “a sort of God.” Reading those quotes still make me shudder inside.

Now, reality has reasserted itself. And here in true reality, we find that even “mean,” “nasty,” “dumb” and “evil” Donald Trump is doing a better job of being president than Obama ever could.

What’s even more telling, and slowly coming to light, is that Obama abused the IRS to silence his opponents, turned the Justice Department into a political weapon and used our intelligence agencies to covertly spy on political opponents. But somehow he and all of his political weapons could not stop the will of the people which came in the form of the Trump Train. 

What can the Democrats do under the circumstances of true reality? Exactly what they are doing in putting on a theatrical show and hope their news and entertainment media machines can sell it to the public. The result is this make-believe crisis the Democrats are acting out in Congress, and the even more bizarre reporting as if it’s all somehow real life.

We are facing one crisis at the Southern border, but the Dems call that fake and fictional. At the moment they are busy attacking Attorney General William Barr. He has made the Mueller Report public. He didn’t have to, but he did. By law Barr redacted only grand jury testimony, which must remain secret. But when has the law or the U.S. Constitution ever stopped the Democrats.

Even though Barr is following the letter of the law, the House Judiciary Committee has voted to hold Barr in contempt of Congress. And the Committee Chairman, the odious Jerry Nadler, announced this silliness with rhetoric meant to make it sound like Watergate. The Attorney General abiding by the law has been labeled an “attack on the essence of our Democracy” and even “a constitutional crisis.”

The truth of reality is we are in a constitutional crisis, but not because of AG Barr doing his job. We are in this crisis because one of the two political parties in this country refuse to accept the will of the people, and that is beyond troublesome. 

When you watch this orchestrated circus each day it sounds really bad. Luckily, the moment you turn off the TV, things are fine again. The economy’s chugging along like a locomotive. All the usual suspects are acting up, but President Trump’s doing a fine job handling it all, despite his abrasive style — or who knows, maybe because of it.

I often watch the president speaking with the volume turned down. I’m not looking to hear the message he is delivering, or Jim Acosta screaming like an infant with a toothache. I watch to see his demeanor, reactions and delivery. You can learn a lot by observing someone’s body language, and President Trump does not appear negatively affected or battered even a smidge since taking office. It’s remarkable considering the unprecedented onslaught of attacks he has endured.

The Democrats went all-in on the Muller investigation. Now that the truth has been revealed, all they can do is create a coverup narrative every bit as false as the original allegations. So my point is America is doing quite well. But the narrative is all crisis and coverup. Because the narrative is the only thing the Democrats have got left.