Americans will fight back


As a man who loves this country, and most everyone in it, what’s going on truly hurts to watch, and makes me very angry. All biasedness and differences aside, the specter of where the left is pushing us as a nation is alarming and depressing at the same time.

Fair-minded people have to know all this impeachment nonsense is pure Washington politics at its absolute worst. What is certain is that this is not a constructive action meant to protect Americans from a “rogue” president. Trump may be many things, and he is unorthodox no doubt, but he is not a Constitutional violator or criminal deserving of impeachment.

For anyone not completely blinded by leftist biased, there is no question the President of the United States of America is being attacked and persecuted daily by the national press, left-wing politicians and way-left citizens.

Millions of Americans are recoiling at the horrendous sight. Even those who are not enamored with President Trump are being forced to pick a side. These things continue to evolve right before our very eyes while anger is growing on both sides.

The anger on pro-Trump/anti-socialist/anti-gun-grabbers is silently peculating and smoldering as the Left, and the wayward Democrat leadership, continue to attack, threaten and berate non-leftists and anyone who speaks out against them. 

The constant name calling and allegations have had us brewing for some time, but the new direct threats to the Constitution, and our freedoms, are raising tensions to dangerous levels.

If the left and Democrats continue with the attacks on the president and the Constitution, I fear violence could be coming. There will come a point when Americans start fighting back.

The Democrats and the mainstream media have attacked and berated our rightfully elected president for 33 months. They have done everything possible to undermine and remove the President of the United States. It’s clear rules, morals or the law matters not to the left.

Just look at how the Democrats and national media are ignoring, or actually protecting, Biden and his son over their very shady, and most would say illegal, dealings with both Ukraine and China. The media claims Biden never threatened Ukrainian officials, but Biden is on video proudly saying that’s exactly what he did.

With all the power of the national news media in their corner, Democrats believe they can say or do anything without fear of being called out. But that doesn’t mean the silent majority of Americans are fooled by this nonsense.

The current push to impeach the president is a low point in our country. One political party is moving to impeach a duly elected president only because they do not want him office.

Rep Adam Schiff, a outspoken Trump hater, blatantly lied during a congressional hearing that was broadcast live to millions of Americans.

He indicated he was reading, verbatim, the transcript of Trump’s call to the Ukrainian President. But he gave a completely made-up and false account. After the fact, he said it was a summary of the call and that was made clear. The only thing that’s clear are his intentions to falsely implicate the president to millions of Americans.

When our elected officials can openly lie and give false information without any repercussions, we are in dangerous waters.

This impeachment is based solely on second hand knowledge from a biased Democrat activist. The correct term for this is inadmissible hearsay. Essentially, the Democrats are attempting to impeach the President of the United States on biased second-hand hearsay.

I sincerely believe the left has forgotten something very important. Americans will fight to the death to protect our freedom and our country against all aggressors.

I’m afraid that’s exactly where the left is intentionally pushing this, and at some point, Americans will fight back with an unbreakable tenacity. They are not the first to attempt to take over America, and they won’t be the last, but these are sad times in our great nation.