Blame our leaders for ICE raids, not each other


Last week agents from Homeland Security raided plants around Mississippi including multiple plants in Scott County. Over 600 illegal immigrant and undocumented workers were taken into custody during the raids, and the public reaction was instantaneous.

All one needs to do is visit the Scott County Times Facebook page in order to see a small snapshot of the public’s reaction. The post about the raids has over 700 comments and has been shared 1,000 times.

Of course, there are people arguing their point, both supporting the raids and those who passionately oppose them. The problem I hate to see is those comments, and rebuttals, quickly became personal attacks that had nothing to do with the raids.

Ignorant personal attacks will never solve anything. It doesn’t take long for the entire premise of the argument to be lost and become nothing more than a war of words and name calling. 

This is not confined to the online arguments. These raids have been the talk of the local area, and there would appear to be a proverbial line drawn. People expect you to either fully support the raids or condemn them. I guess there is no room for middle ground anymore.

The reason we find ourselves at this awful impasse is because of the infighting and lack of leadership in Washington. Our elected officials in the U.S. Congress have allowed the illegal immigration problem to get badly out of hand, and now rather than work together to find a solution they prefer to play the political blame game.

There is plenty of blame to go around on this issue, but that blame should not be directed at the federal agents and agency  for doing their jobs. The blame should be aimed at the representatives that we have elected to solve these problems.

I have read numerous stories about the MS raids that would appear to appeal to one’s emotions by focussing on the kids who will be separated from their parents. But whose fault is that?

Is it Homeland Securities fault? Is it ICE’s fault? Is it Pecos or Kochs fault? Is it the parents fault for putting their family in this situation? Is our failed leaders fault for allowing it to get to this point?

I do know one thing for a fact. I get the arrest report from the Scott County Sheriff’s Department every week. There are many parents included on that report who have been arrested, and as a result separated from their children.

Where is the outrage for them? Where are the news stories and Facebook rants fighting for these parents who have been separated from their families? Are their children less important than illegal immigrant children, or does it just appear that way?

I understand that many people become emotionally charged when kids are involved in awful situations. That’s simple human nature. And the way this issue is constantly covered by the national media the civil unrest is almost understandable.

The fact is that if you go out today and break the law, you risk the chance of being incarcerated. It does not matter if you have children or you don’t. When you knowingly break the law, you are aware of the risks you are taking. And I have never been privy to a case where chidden are allowed to accompany felonious parents to a jail cell.

The simple fact that’s not talked about  is that until our leaders work together and change our laws, illegal immigration is breaking the law. Those in this country who break the law knowingly gamble their freedom and it does not matter if you are a citizen or illegal immigrant you must face the consequences for your actions. That is simply called law and order, and without it all you have is chaos.

If you want to place blame for what happened here in Scott County last week contact Congressman Michael Guest and Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith in Washington. Tell them it’s time for our leaders to work together and lead this country. We need to stop blaming one another and start holding our leadership accountable.

When we blame each other we all lose, we have to find a way to work together.