A bunch of spoiled little brats


I’ve never seen it as quiet as it has been around the office the last week or so as the COVID-19 scare continues to mount. At home even the yard dog seems to be isolating himself from the cows in the pasture that he so often likes to chase.

As far as isolation goes, wife, Danny, and I don’t really go out much. Occasionally we’ll go to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, and sometimes we’ll grab a bite of lunch if we’re out and about already, but most of the time we are pretty much homebodies. That said, one would think that this social distancing and self-quarantine business wouldn’t be much of a problem for us at all.

Well, it is.

I think we’re spoiled. Not just the two of us, but all Americans. We are accustomed to doing pretty much whatever we want to do whenever we want to do it. We don’t like being told to stay at home or shelter in place.

Judging from the spring break pictures from the Florida and California beaches, apparently a lot of folks are ignoring those warnings anyway. Both were crowded with vacationers last week and none of them were keeping the six feet safe zone between them.

Personally I’m a little more afraid of this bug than those college kids seem to be. Granted we do have a vacation planned for late July to Fort Morgan, Alabama and a sweet little beach house there on the Gulf. If things have not gotten any better by then we still plan on going down there for a little R&R but we’ll just be sure and take everything we need — toilet paper in particular — and hang out on the deck and watch the waves roll in.

For the present though I’m really hoping this hoarding business comes to an end real soon. I think some folks are buying up stuff just to be buying it up. The empty shelves just amaze me and I suppose that the way stuff is selling, some businesses will show a pretty good profit margin in March.

We have a twofold problem at our house. My 87-year-old dad, who lives in Newton is doing a pretty good job of staying at home and avoiding possible contamination and that is what we are encouraging him to do as well. Better safe than sorry.

Dad, like Danny and I, has dogs. He’s got an inside dog and an outside dog. We have two inside dogs and an outside dog — that is not really our outside dog — but he does still like to eat and sleep at our house.

Both households are beginning to get low on dog food. Twofold, you see, and the hoarders are hoarding up dog food just like toilet paper, milk and bread...and a lot of other weird things for folks to be hoarding. Our two little chihuahuas are kind of picky eaters, and Henry (not his real name) out on the front porch likes some foods better than others, and isn’t real big on table scraps.

Dad’s dogs are very picky eaters and will turn their noses up at anything that is a little different. Or, so says my dad.

Over the weekend we ventured out with sanitation wipes and gels in search of food for the dogs at both houses and some milk and bread for my dad and for our house too, if truth be known. Not a bag of dog food was on the shelf at the two stores we went to. I don’t mean not a bag of the kind of food our dogs eat, I mean none at all! No milk or bread either. Or, at least not the kind of milk, 2 percent, or bread, whole wheat, we use.

I suppose we could mix whole milk with water and get the same result and a sandwich on white bread is probably better than no sandwich at all, but we’re spoiled. Spoiled little brats!

Just like we are accustomed to going and doing as we please, we are accustomed to being able to go to the store and pick up whatever we want whenever we want as well.

Times have certainly changed, have they not? And, they changed very quickly too. We need to remind our spoiled selves of that often when this is all over.