Comments can be cruel


We already knew there was a whole lot of hate in this world, but until last week I didn’t realize just how much could be found right here in Scott County. It started with the raids on chicken-processing plants in Sebastopol and Morton, but that’s not where in the hate lies. The hate, it seems, comes when folks disagree with each other’s opinions.

Combine those feelings with social media outlets, where people can, and do, say just about anything they choose to people they don’t even know, and it all quickly becomes a mean, ugly, vicious mess.

When the news broke last Wednesday morning of the ICE raids around Mississippi we placed a “breaking news” story on the newspapers website and Facebook page. Immediately my computer and telephone began to ding in comment after comment, and share after share, and did not slow down for days. As of this writing on Monday morning the story on Facebook had been shared 1,100 times, liked by almost 300 people and had a total reach of more than 110,000 readers.

But, it is in the comments were the people let their true feelings be known. As of Monday there had been 740 comments on the brief story and photograph and they were about half compassionate, expressing concern for the children of the hispanic community where the parents had been arrested. And then there was the other side of the coin where folks were expressing their honest opinions that they were glad the arrests were made and that alleged law breakers were being locked up and would be returned to their home countries.

Then the two sides started fighting among themselves and cussing and fussing and soon the debate had nothing at all to do with the original subject.

I didn’t realize until now that people do a lot of cussing on Facebook. Bad words too!

I’m not going to reveal names although they are easy enough to identify simply by logging onto Facebook, but just so readers get a better understanding of what I’m talking about here is a little bit of what has been said.

“So sad. Hard working people trying to make a better life for their family. And yes they work crazy hours any hours just to provide! I used to work for Peco back in 2013 I know what it’s like having to see this and watch how families get ripped apart. The government needs to work on this!!!”

“I feel safer already. And all those children that came home to no parents, just wow, my heart is so full. I feel so blessed knowing those children are left without. God’s work was done today. Great job ICE. Thanks for everything.”

“You don’t get to bring your kids to jail with you when you break the law and have a DUI.”

“The sad thing is that most likely the Americans that live close by are living off welfare and don’t want the jobs. Until welfare for healthy people is stopped nothing is going to change. If a welfare deadbeat is deported and the illegal keeps his job it would be a win win situation for America.”

“They need to arrest the people who are hiring the illegal immigrants. They are part of the problem also”

“ICE better deport President Trump’s wife too she aint got no right in these United States...with papers or no paper.”

“What will happen to the children born here? Not debating any side, genuinely curious. All those babies are not going to understand. My heart breaks for the children”

“I read these negative comments and I laugh. It’s so funny because everyone of the bigots have the same ideology, but not one based on facts. They love spewing hate and what they’ve read. It just trickles down like a bad secret, where everyone adds their own to it until it gets way out of control.”

Like I said there are over 700 comments, but I think that last one sums it up for now!

Warning, though, if you log on remember what I said about people cussing on “The Book!”