Current State of the Union


"When you get down to it there is nothing anywhere in the world that can compete with America," A direct quote from President Donald Trump’s latest State of the Union Speech.

This past Tuesday brought a delayed State of the Union address that had been postponed due to the government shutdown the end of January. Whether you consider yourself a member of the Republican, Democratic, or Independent Party this quote should be something we all agree on. No matter who holds the House, no matter who holds the Senate, no matter who is sitting in the Oval Office we should all be thankful to be an American, because honestly there is nothing at all like it.

There is no other place where you are truly free.  Do you disagree with politics? You can post it all online, tell all your friends, and even shout it from the rooftops.  Guess what? There will be no consequences because we have that freedom. 

As I continued to watch the SOTU address I could not help but notice the many women in white. Supposedly wearing white in honor of the Women’s Suffragette movement. I am thrilled we can vote. I am thrilled that women now can be considered equal in the workplace. I am thrilled that we can hold political offices and be taken seriously with our ideas. I do not feel as if I have any hardships that I have to face related to my gender and that is due to the strong women who came before me and believed we were capable of being heard.  I am definitely a proud woman, but I am not one of those women.

During his speech President Trump covered many different things beginning with the situation our economy is in. Our economy is seeing a current boom.  President Trump is making true on a lot of campaign promises.  He is bringing jobs back to America.  He is changing tax laws to benefit not only the major businesses, but family farms and American families as well.  After every positive statement the camera would spin around to catch the reaction of the audience (mostly made up of Congress members).

Here sat these women in white (along with other Democrats) refusing to clap for any positive statement made whether it be lowering unemployment, changing drug laws, or President Trump trying to prevent late-term abortion. I sat there and watched these women not only refuse to clap but make faces of disbelief (as others smirked) when President Trump stated he wanted to ban late-term abortions. 

How could you possibly feel a child move within you and think abortion is okay? How could you possibly look at the face of an innocent newborn baby and believe that it would have been okay to terminate their life just one week before?

During the third month of pregnancy your baby’s reproductive organs will form and by the end of the fourth month you will know the gender. How can these women wear white to support the end of women’s suffrage, but yet support the cruelest measure in America and that is the killing of our unborn, including girls?

I sat and watched the rest of the address still in disbelief of the reaction these women had to some of President Trump’s statements.  It makes you question their honest intentions for this country and the citizens that live here. I thought more and more about his statement that the current State of the Union is strong.  Yes, our economy is beginning to boom, yes, jobs are coming back to America, yes, we are making strategic moves with our laws, but as long as we have a majority of elected officials who support the evil such as abortion then the State of our Union should not be considered strong.