Dem Rep. Johnson says we are all uneducated addicts


Earlier this month during a keynote speech to the Atlanta NAACP Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia made incredibly disparaging comments about President Trump and every citizen that voted for him. Johnson used the laughable left-wing ideocracy that likens the president to Adolf Hitler. But on this occasion, he did not just verbally attack the president, he went even further when he stereotyped every American that voted for him.

He was blunt when he essentially said that everyone that voted for President Trump is old, dumb, poor, addicted, hicks. His exact words where; “older, less educated, less prosperous and mostly dying from alcoholism and drug overdoses”. It baffles me how the intolerant Democrats and their fanatical supporters continue with the bigotry and duplicitous outbursts without any repercussions whatsoever.

For the record, I voted for President Trump. I know that may come as a huge surprise, but I had to let the cat out of the bag. The last time I checked, which was only moments ago, I’m middle aged, very educated and while I’m not as prosperous as a Washington politician I consider myself monetarily comfortable.

To the best of my knowledge I’m not dying of either “alcoholism” or a “drug overdose” seeing as I neither drink alcohol nor partake in illicit drugs. So I know for a fact that Rep. Johnson is completely wrong in at least one instance, and I’m confident that these remarks are wrong in millions of instances.

We will get back to Johnson’s derogatory labeling  momentarily, but I would like to broach the illogical comparison that is continually spewed by liberals. Previously, I wrote about how irrational it is to compare our president to the genocidal tyrant Adolf Hitler. Not only are Johnson’s comments historically dishonest it has to be insulting to Jews who either suffered, or had family members that suffered or were murdered, at the hands of Hitler.

People that make this insane comparison either don’t know their history or just do it for the shock value. Our president may be a lot of things, but comparing him to one of the evilest men that ever lived is simply illogical nonsense. When our inciting politicians make these insinuations their followers, who are so blinded by hatred and misinformation, are willing to believe anything these mutinous representatives say.

Let me highlight just a couple of irrefutable facts that these master manipulators either intentionally distort or ignore.  

First and foremost, Hitler attempted to exterminate an entire race of innocent people and was directly responsible for the deaths of six to 10 million Jews. The horrific methods he used to kill men, women and children proves beyond any doubt how evil the man was. Hitler’s death camps were so sadistic and barbaric they are almost unimaginable. Reading about them, or listening to Holocaust survivors tell their stories, is beyond horrifying and proves what a sinister monster the man really was.

Secondly, Hitler was never elected president. After losing the 1932 election he used intimidation, threats and violence to systematically take control of Germany through a coerced appointment as German Chancellor. President Trump used a patriotic catch phrase and campaign promises to win the presidency. Now I know there are many people and politicians that still refuse to accept that reality, but that does not change the fact our president was elected fairly just as every commander-and-chief before him.

Just because liberals refuse to accept reality does not make it incorrect, it just means t­­hey are in emotionally based denial.   

Now I’m neither a Trump scholar nor expert, but you don’t have to be to understand that our president is not even remotely comparable to that genocidal maniac. Only people who don’t know history believe such biased garbage.

Lastly, I would like Rep. Johnson, and every one of his cohorts that continually stereotype us to understand that we patriots are educated and smart enough to not believe a word they say. By speaking such nonsense they are only proving how deranged they have become because they are not getting their way and this causes constant ignorant verbal tantrums.   



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