Democrats hate Trump more than they love U.S.


I’m by no means a foreign policy expert, but you don’t have to be to know eliminating one of the world’s most dangerous terrorists is a good thing. But once again the Democrats are up in arms because President Trump gave the order to kill a terrorist who had the blood of hundreds of American soldiers on his hands.

Iran’s former chief terrorist, Qasem Soleimani, was a savage, monstrous, mass murdering scumbag who slaughtered Americans, planned attacks on American soil and carried out the assault on our embassy in Baghdad and Benghazi. There is no doubt the world is a safer place with Soleimani buried beneath it — that is unless you’re a Trump hater.

Democrats see it differently, but only because President Trump ordered the attack. The problem Democrats have with Trump killing Soleimani is that Trump is Trump.

According to their globalist first and American last view, nothing Trump does can ever be good.  And that’s why the Left has lined up with Iran to condemn Soleimani’s death as “murder.” They are siding with one of the most terroristic countries in the world to admonish our actions.

Mainstream media reporters eulogized this mass murderer by posting clips of him reciting poetry. Yes, really, poetry. They left out his reign of terror and brutal beheadings and murders that have been going on for decades of course.

They were backed by collective ignorance of the self-proclaimed history experts in Hollywood. As expected, they condemned Trump as they offered dramatic tearful apologies to Iran.

I find it absolutely disgraceful that elected Democrats refused to offer anything positive or praiseworthy for annihilation of a man who killed American soldiers every chance he had.

I thought we could all agree that ridding the Earth of this monster was good, but the Democrats will never say anything the president does is good. I have previously said that Trump could personally find the cure for cancer and the Democrats would say it was an impeachable offense.

Bernie Sanders blamed Trump for a “dangerous escalation” and warned that his actions will lead to the loss of countless lives. Elizabeth Warren also played on the “escalation” theme, describing it as “reckless.” The biggest hypocrite award this week goes to Democrat Senator Chris Murphy who just three days before the strike publicly whined Trump has made us look weak, but now he’s concerned that instilling fear in terrorists who attack our country will precipitate a massive regional war. Here’s an update, there has been a regional war underway in the Middle East for thousands of years.

All of these people know that Iran declared war on the United States in 1979, and jumps at every chance to kill Americans. The countries most used motto is “death to America.” So how can this strike make them dislike or hate us any more?

Contrary to these attacks from the Democrats this was not an “assassination.” To call it an assassination is to agree with Iranian propaganda. An assassination is by definition unprovoked murder and no American would say that killing Bin Laden or Al Baghdadi was murder. Those who are not blinded by Trump hate openly say Soleimani was more dangerous that both of those monsters. Not to mention this was a lawful response attack on the leader that planned and facilitated our embassy being attacked.

Does anyone doubt that every Democrat would be extolling the strategic brilliance and moral righteousness of this move if it had been initiated by Obama?  But we all know — Obama could do no wrong and President Trump can do no right in the eyes of Democrats and their lap-dog mainstream media outlets.

It’s disgraceful that Democrats are backing Iran. That’s not because they don’t see the justification, they just hate the president. They are willing to say anything, and take any position, for the sake of advancing that consuming hatred. Even at the cost of our country. Democrats hate Trump more than they love our country.