Disagreeing is not discrimination


During the preceding two weeks the national spectacle that has transpired in Washington has been nothing short of disgraceful. Regardless of the outcome this ridiculous circus that was fully funded and paid for with our hard earned tax dollars has put a forever blemish on the history of our great nation.

During the hearings in the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, the votes in the Senate and the swearing in of our 114th Supreme Court justice there was another issue that was put in the forefront and on full display. The hard-line liberals have made it clear they want to label disagreement with any of their beliefs as illegal discrimination and/or hate speech.

At some point while many of us were going about our daily lives and our former president was in the drivers seat a dangerous change took place. Right before our very eyes disagreement, even when sincere and respectful, has become perceived and/or labeled as discrimination. The intense minority groups in our country have been busy while many of us God fearing and America loving people have been preoccupied with our day-to-day lives.

If you took a moment to listen to the intense minority during the last two weeks it was easy to ascertain that their intentions are to attack all American morals and values, even our judicial system and the rule of law in this country. They not only want to destroy the rule of law, they want to institute their own hypocritical beliefs as to what defines discrimination with total disregard to free speech and differing opinions. The left-wing zealots have decided it is time  to come out of the shadows and put their beliefs and discontent with everything American on full display.

I do not believe all liberals or left-leaning individuals are zealots. One of my best friends over the last two decades, someone I hold in very high regard and have the utmost respect for, is as far out in left field as I’m out in right field when it comes to politics. But we respect one another and due to that unwavering mutual respect, we are able to disagree on many issues while not disrespecting one another and forever tarnishing our friendship. I thought that is the way it is supposed to be in this country.

The last two weeks was just an example of what is to come as the Democrats and the liberals lose their death grip on the American court system. Over the last decade they have used this control to systematically legislate from the bench. This was never a true fight about the innocence or the guilt of a good man, this was all orchestrated chaos created in a last-ditch effort to stop constitutionalists from taking control of the highest court in the land. Nothing more.

While all of the political shenanigans were taking place, and as the protesters gathered and their numbers grew, one message became very clear. If you listen to the protesters, and even some of the Democrat Senators and Congressman, they were blatantly indicating that they believe disagreeing with them constitutes discrimination. The only problem is, that is not how it works in this country. Disagreeing with someone is not discrimination, it is simply having a differing belief. If we allow the left-wing manipulators to take us down their road of in-tolerance, disagreeing with any of their beliefs will be looked upon and labeled as discrimination. The two big terms you will hear to describe this are discrimination and hate speech.

Every individual is entitled to their own beliefs and own opinions, that is the foundation of our freedom of speech. While not specifically written, an individual’s right to disagree is just as protected. Simply disagreeing with someone does not in any way constitute discrimination. In simple terms that would mean if someone told you that the sky is orange you not only have to agree, but you must publicly state the sky is orange when you know for a fact the sky is blue.

The problem for the intense minority of Democrats and liberals trying to spread their “anything goes” politically correct culture is that a majority of this country absolutely disagree with everything they’re pushing. The majority in this country still look to the Bible, American morals and values and common sense as our guiding beacons in life. We will never agree, or publicly profess what we know to be false, or goes against everything we believe. They cannot win with open debate so these zealots are now attempting to label and demonize us for our beliefs which goes against everything this country stands for. But then again, they hate anything American.