Good news sells too


I currently bring you the news and sports each week, and now with my first ed page article, I jump-up-on my soap-box and offer you a humble opinion or 10. Now please take-into-account, that while I have been writing as a hobby for many years, I have only been writing articles for publication for as long as I have worked with The Scott County Times, which at this very moment stands at 44 days, 2 hours, 2 minutes and 37 seconds to be exact. So, you see, I am a novice, but my newness may offer a different perspective that may, or may not, be enjoyable to read.

Now I will go ahead and warn you that; if you gander at my articles long enough you may notice they do lean to the right, but all of my beliefs are formed from respectful common-sense.

I have been an avid reader, actually a daily over reader of news, and there is one constant I have noticed for years. A vast majority of the news that is reported on television, print-media, and online is bad news. Now when I refer to “bad news” I mean news about people treating other people badly. And in recent years it seems that the more egregious the act the more press it receives.

Now I understand from a marketing point-of-view that crime, death, disaster and overall doom-and-gloom sells, but what about all the good news? I believe that good news is a good read and can sell to.

Now-a-days when you turn on the tube, pick up the paper or sign-in online it is a highly probable you are going to either hear, or read, an over emotional rant about something or someone that they disagree with, in most cases the president. Inserted between the talking head rants and reporters biased opinionated news articles will be the current crimes that have been committed, and very seldom you will find a story of goodwill or accomplishment in the paper or briefly mentioned on the news. I just cannot understand why that cannot be reversed.

I do believe that there are so many accomplishments and good deeds done on a daily basis and they deserve to be reported and brought to light in all communities, and the nation as a whole. Maybe it would do our nation some good to hear positive stories on a daily basis. If you made a quick judgment on our country based solely on what you read, listen to or watch it would have to be that our country is in awful shape. And while I do believe that our country has some very pressing issues that must be faced, it is still the greatest country in the world.

Many columnists seem stuck in a 1960s America when racism was portrayed, and lived out, through far too many avenues and the country suffered through some of its darkest times. But I for one believe we have made changes for the absolute better and moved forward from those trying times.

I find the closed mindedness and incessant need to put-forth negativity from decades past just to get their point across quite disturbing. For example: comparing our president to an orangutan may, or may not, have a place when being put forth by a comedian. I find it altogether humorless, but “to each their own.” However, when seasoned journalists repeat, and use these nasty jokes, in their articles to make a point it further solidifies how fact-less, biased and negative our reporting has become. 

There are so many good and positive stories that they either ignore, or just fail to recognize. I believe the constant negativity and childish name calling has a resounding negative effect on our society and helps falsely create an overall combative mood throughout our great nation.

I have always seemed to buck the mold of life, sometimes for the good and sometimes not, but I am going to do it again. While I highly doubt any articles will be picked-up by USA Today, I will do my very best to bring you as much good news as I possibly can.

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