Government salaries cost us $1 trillion annually


This past weekend while doing a little non-fiction reading that pertained to the government shutdown, I stumbled upon a website with endless amounts of data and some astounding figures that I’m still having trouble believing. Currently our country has approximately 19 million “public“ employees who are costing us taxpayers almost $1 trillion per year. That’s right — trillion - with a “T”.

I came accross this information compiled on a government watchdog website that publishes the salaries of all public employees from every level of U.S. government. The information is free and open to public, you just have to either know where to find it or stumble on to it while aimlessly browsing online like me.

When our government was created, back long before our societal transformation to the current I-I-I and me-me-me society, public service was only about serving the best interest of the people.  Public and/or civil service was viewed reveled as a duty rather than an opportunity to chase and accumulate power, standing and wealth.

Civil service has mutated over the decades and now so-called public “servants” serve only themselves and come at a price so high most people cannot even mentally fathom the true number. Again, that unfathomable price is nearly $1 trillion dollars and it’s our tax dollars funding these outrageous salaries.

As the federal government starts another day of partial shutdown here are some eye popping figures that are only the tip of the ice burg when it comes to the out-of-control compensation.

Last year, roughly 1.7 million government employees earned $100,000 or more per year. The vast majority of these-almost two million-high dollar earners where employed by State and local governments. I don’t know about you, but to me that’s a lot of the six-figure public service earners.

Another crazy fact is that 105,000 government employees earn more than every governor in all 50 states with a salary of $190,000 or more. I came upon government employed tree trimmers earning $106,000 annually and even school custodians cleaning up $165,000 a year. Thats raking in some serious money to keep things tidy. 

I’m thinking of moving to California to become a lifeguard. I found some crazy salary amounts for these real life Baywatch in the sun the highest paid life guard grossing $365,000. Now that I really think about it, I don’t believe there is any amount of money that could convince me to live in California.

Several states had some real humdingers in the education profession. I came across some angry individuals post on the website when they had learned that a school superintendent was making $407,000 in a district with only 700 students and no high school. Another superintendent that has come under heavy scrutiny earned $206,000 in a school district with only 11 teachers and fewer than 100 students.

One of the most egregious acts of greed was the school superintendent that retired on a $300,000 annual pension to later be rehired on a $1,200 a day consulting contract for the same position. That retired superintendent who is now a consultant was legally double dipping and would have continued to do so if someone did not bring to the attention of the taxpayers.

Remember it is our money being used to pay these salaries. It is crystal clear that when many public servants or government employees are left unchecked, they will absolutely take advantage of the system. After finding this site and spending some time on it I wanted to pass it along because you can find some truly unbelievable information.The website is “”. It is user friendly and you can literally search for government employees at every level down to every position right here in Forest using either a map or zip code. If you decide to visit this site be prepared as there is some truly astonishing information that just might blow you away.