The hearsay Schiff has hit the fan


The fact that Democrats, headed by Rep. Adam Schiff, are attempting to impeach a sitting U.S. president based on contrived hearsay is a slap in the face to all Americans. This Democrat led congressional hit squad has been colluding together to remove President Trump since his inauguration, and the current impeachment hearings are collectively insulting the intelligence of every common American. 

I keep coming back to one key fact as I watch the latest episode of this three-year political witch-hunt. This is the United States of America and everyone — regardless of their beliefs — is innocent until proven guilty. The new age Democrat-Socialist Party believes only leftist, liberals deserve that right.

Nancy Pelosi made that clear when she said, “Trump needs to prove he is innocent.” He could easily prove his innocence if allowed to call witnesses, have legal counsel present or submit evidence. You know, those are the principals and rights of due process afforded every American.

The illogical insanity transpiring in the U.S. Congress is reprehensible and embarrassing. Politics, and politics alone, is the only factor driving this whole Democrat resistance turned treasonous coup.

The fact that our political leaders are continuing down this divisive path proves beyond any doubt that our decades long political office mainstays are going to do what they want with believed impunity.

Even before the public hearings began it was obvious the manufactured allegations were absurd. Just another attempt in the ongoing ploy to undo the 2016 election. The allegations were disproved altogether by the transcripts of the president’s phone call with the Ukrainian President.

We have a verbatim account of every single word said on the call, but facts are not what Schiff and company want. Democrats now say hearsay is better than facts. But only when the facts don’t support their stance or allegations. So, we continue down the divisive road to impeachment or bust.

Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) actually went on record with one of the most deranged and irresponsible statements I’ve ever heard. He said, “hearsay can be better than direct evidence.” He went on to opine that the American people should be made aware that hearsay is routinely allowed in court because it’s much better than evidence.

The most disturbing fact about Quigley’s statements is that he’s a lawyer. After hearing those words, I firmly believe Quigley was absent the day they taught law at law school. 

Impeachment has always remained an avoided avenue of last resort. This is one of the most serious matters our country can face, and it has been turned into a political weapon by the Democrats. We have a political party attempting to impeach the president based solely on hearsay that would not even be permissible in traffic court.

If career politicians are allowed to impeach the president using only rumors from political operatives, we have dangerous and volatile times ahead. If this political coup can persecute, prosecute and oust the most powerful man in the world, they can do it to anyone. That’s a dark slippery slope away from everything for which America stands.

I worked in courtrooms for well over half of my working life. The years I spent on the front line of the court system included thousands of hearings in all areas of law from traffic court to criminal court. During those thousands of cases, one constant held true without fail. Hearsay, was neither admissible nor permitted. Every judge called hearsay what it is — rumors.

The Democrats want us to believe their continued effort to remove President Trump is legitimate even though their only so-called proof is rumors. That’s insulting to me and to you because we know the real reason this is happening. Numerous Democrats have said so themselves, the only chance Democrats have to defeat President Trump in 2020 is to impeach him.

Now, that’s not hearsay, that’s directly from the horse’s mouth.


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