Lots to do, little time to do it


When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, I, like many others, gave up on that monkey business years ago. These days I kind of just wonder about what might make a good resolution — or resolutions — and then get on with life.

Since I am so often guilty of whining about the lack of time to get all the work done that needs to be done, time management would certainly be a good thing to hope to improve upon  in 2019. But, now as an old timer myself, I have come to be a true believer in the old timers’ warnings that time truly moves faster as we age. So, I’ll think about that one and then nix it just that fast.

Every single year of my life, I think, my adult life anyway, I’ve tried to eat better, and loose a little weight. Sometimes I did, most of the times I did not. But again, now as a smarter, more experienced, old timer I have come to the conclusion that those people that developed the height/weight ratio table are pure idiots, and that I’ve been struggling to reach an unreachable goal.

I would need to loose probably 40 pounds — which ain’t gonna happen — to be near their version of my “ideal” weight. So, this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to develop a new scale for 2019 and let my body decide for itself where we should be. I’m thinking right now that on this new scale if I drop 20 pounds I’ll be well below my idea of my ideal weight and capable of eating and drinking anything I want. That sounds like a good plan to me.

To help out in that arena, a little more grunt work, and a little less grunting while lying on the couch, will probably be the key. With that in mind, my wife and I do have full intentions of finishing — that should be starting — the restoration work in the master bedroom which will qualify as grunt work for certain.

Since we now have a new roof, and for the first time in 50 years there is not a leak in that bedroom, we feel comfortable getting started putting up the new ceiling, painting, flooring, etc., etc., etc. Of course, “feeling comfortable” and “being motivated” are no where close to being the same thing.

Motivation does come, though, in knowing that as soon as that bedroom is done we can move our bed, and our big ole selves, out of the laundry room/pantry/dressing room/closet. It is a pretty big laundry room/pantry/ dressing room/closet, but with the bed in there a bit of a tight fit.

Of course getting down to “my” ideal weight in 2019 could help a little  with that cramped feeling in the current room, but not much, and I’m not in a hurry to become “ideal” either. 

I do plan on catching the wild grey stripped kitten, Conetiger, that lives on the back porch and seeing if I can tame it down a little like his yellow sister, Mango. Mango’s not a lap cat yet either but doesn’t hiss, and growl, and bite, and claw like Conetiger does when you catch him. I’m not sure why that is a goal for the new year other than the fact that I wasn’t able to do so in the last quarter of the old year. It will probably be good exercise too —  that cat is pretty quick.

There are plenty of other things that need to be done — that I want to get done — in 2019, and early on in 2019. I absolutely have to clean the privet hedge out from around the sweet gum tree in the front yard/field, like we did last spring with the tree’s twin out in the same front yard/field, before grass cutting time arrives again. And I have to get the bricks from the chimney that I tore down last spring, cleaned up, and turned into a little patio. I have to!

Lots to do, little time. Perhaps I do need to work on that time management thing this year after all. But, hey, the days did start getting longer last week!

So off to the bedroom we go.