My-my-my, how the times have changed


I came upon a shocking story currently making the rounds on media outlets. When I first read through the story I was stunned and overcome with disbelief that left me wondering where does this absolute nonsense end. 

In a Texas family court matter, a mother of 6-year old fraternal twin boys has brought legal action against the boys’ father for alleged child abuse. At first glance, this appears to be just another unfit parent or child abuse story, but this is not a run of the mill child abuse case. What makes this case so unusual, but on par with today’s illogical society, is the audacity of the claims made by the mother.

She claims that the youngest twin boy made a cognizant decision — on his own and without her influence — to identify as a transgender girl and the father’s refusal to recognize and accept his son as a little girl constitutes child abuse punishable by law.

This is a real life nightmare for the Father. The part that’s terrifying —other than the mother attempting to physically convert her son into a little girl — is that she is not just attempting to force the father into agreeing with this identity farce. She is attempting to limit the father’s access to both of his boys. She makes the claim that his failure to accept James, the young boy that is anatomically a boy, as the transsexual girl Luna is child abuse.

Another disturbing fact is young James’ behavior appears to all but mom to be natural and happy being a boy and never mentions being Luna unless he is with his mother.   

In reviewing the actual complaint filed by the mother I had to read parts of the document numerous times because I had such a hard time believing what I was reading. Unfortunately, each review was just as unbelievable as I’d first understood. In one part of the complaint the mother alleges “the father as engaged in emotionally abusive behavior.” And what was the father’s terrible action one might inquire, having the young boy’s hair cut like a little boy.

During my two decades residing in the sunshine state I spent over 12 years in the courtrooms of four Northwest Florida counties. I attended court four days a week and a large majority of the cases I was present for were family law matters such as child custody, divorce, child support and child abuse and neglect cases.

After thousands of hearings I thought I had pretty much seen or heard just about everything imaginable, and unimaginable. I truly believed that nothing could surprise me when it comes to the highly contentious world of family law. Boy, was I ever wrong.

I sincerely believe any of the judges I worked with would have dismissed this case the instant it progressed to a courtroom. Any one of them would have rebuked this mother for wasting the courts time on such farcical nonsense and causing senseless anguish in this child’s life. Additionally, the mother’s sanity and parental fitness would have most likely been rightfully questioned as a result of filing a case based on these issues. But that was then and this is now.

For parents, raising their children while teaching and preparing them for the ways of the life is the most important job there is hands down. Now this woman is not only attempting to formulate her biological son into a little girl, she is trying to prevent his natural father from being a dad to his son. In my opinion that is the very definition of child abuse.