No offence, but political correctness is ruining our country


In today’s society it is no longer acceptably appeasing to just respect others beliefs and opinions. During the past two decades what started as suggestions to be “politically correct” has transformed into frenzied demands for everyone in this country to conform or face repercussions. As I understand it, the verbiage “politically correct” was first recorded in a 1793 U.S. Supreme Court decision in regard to a specific “political lawsuit.” At that point in time, politically correct had neither the current day meaning nor the dangerous divisiveness it has spread all over this country like wildfire driven by high winds.

The PC movement originated on college campuses, gained momentum by invading the American workplace and has ultimately taken a strangle hold on political debate and social order. What should be an easily discernable line between legally protected rights and freedom of expression has become increasingly blurred and is on the brink of becoming non-existent. People now believe that the freedom to express themselves can be forced upon another person and if their beliefs are not looked upon as truths, regardless of how outrageous they may be, then they cry that all powerful word discrimination.

Liberty is the soul’s right to breath, and a person’s right to express their beliefs, but it in no way affords one the right to dictate what others believe or hold to be truths.      

The current PC movement is succeeding in censoring free speech by labeling it “hate speech,” endangering centuries long traditions, attacking the religious freedom of Christians and literally attempting to erase parts of history all together. If you understand the truth behind the conceptualization, and the origination, of political correctness the predicament this movement has brought about in our country makes perfect sense.

The person most widely accepted as the creator of political correctness is the tyrannical maniac, and former communist dictator, Vladmir Lenin. Using political correctness, he engineered the revolution that led to the formation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics better known as the USSR and/or the Soviet Union.

Lenin used political correctness as a political and social weapon. He demonized his political opponents and suppressed open discussion and debate in order to accomplish his ultimate goal of destroying social order. Just as it was used 100 years ago by Communist, political correctness is being used by radicals in our country to uproot social order, traditions and authority because these all have to be rooted out before they can be replaced by a government-controlled culture.

Does it alarm anyone else that the PC movement running rampant in our own back yard was created by one of the worst Communist dictators ever known to mankind? I cannot fathom why we have allowed this movement to infiltrate our great country, and it is time for the silent majority to make a stand and stop our liberty from being ripped away one precious freedom at a time.

As a direct result of our PC driven — anything goes society — if an individual were to decide in their confused mind they want to be a moose, and want to publicly identify as a non-human four-legged animal, it would be demanded that we believe this nonsense and publicly profess that this troubled individual is a moose. If you either refuse or voice your disbelief, you will be accused of being intolerant and/or promoting hate. While this is a hypothetical, and may seem truly outlandish, it can happen here.

If someone would have told me a few years ago that there would be a push to totally disregard natural order, and a person’s bodily make-up, by encouraging young children to decide what gender they want to be I would have thought that was absolutely crazy. But guess what — crazy or not — it’s happening, and political correctness demands that you not only accept it, but you have to believe in it. 

Political correctness is leading us down a dangerous and slippery slope, and if we do not stand up for what we believe our right to do so will soon disappear.