Numbers are not biased and numbers never lie

No matter how the media spins the news or how loud President Trump haters spew their venomous attacks the simple fact of the matter is that numbers don’t lie, don’t hate, and are not biased. It has now been 18 months since President Trump was sworn into office. In those 18 months the numbers tell a totally different story than that of the media and the Trump detractors on both sides of the political aisle. The tracking numbers that have been commonly depended on to judge the job performance of every president preceding President Trump have been astonishingly great during the Trump administration’s short tenure. 
The numbers are telling a crystal-clear story and it shouldn’t matter if you are Republican, Democrat, Independent or even Socialist, well never mind about the Socialists as they will not admit prosperity under capitalism even in the best of times. The simple fact is that our country is enjoying sustained prosperity, a booming economy and growing optimism for first time in decades. The media and opponents of President Trump refuse to give him credit for anything, but the facts in the numbers tell a story that all Americans can be excited about. 
Under the current administration all of the measurables used to gauge the president’s performance are at historical highs and historical lows. This includes the economy, GDP growth, jobless claims, new welfare claims, job creations, stock market strength and overall consumer confidence. The simple truth is that if you took the name “Trump” out of the conversation and discussed the accomplishments of our current president the entire preface and story would be very different. The only problem with that argument is that President Trump is the only leader capable of orchestrating such achievements. Love him or hate him he is delivering win after win for the American people exactly as he promised. 
The media and liberals are still stuck in November 2016 and have yet to fully accept President Trump’s landslide victory. Yes — yes, I know, Hillary was a shoe-in for the oval office and there was no way President Trump had a chance of winning. Here is a reality check, it is now August 2018, Donald Trump is our president and Hillary is neither in office nor will she ever be in the oval office. Except maybe for a visit, but I highly doubt that. 
While so many are focused on the presidents alleged moral transgressions or wrongfully stereotyping him as a racist, sexist, white supremist, bigot, unstable, ignorant and the most ludicrous of all him being compared to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. That last one is absolutely laughable. 
Quite frankly, I want to know why the media is talking about porn stars, the president’s Coke drinking habits or him dismissing an unruly CNN reporter who was acting like a third-grader crying for more recess time. The true news worthy material is that we have historical accomplishments continuing week after week as a direct result of President Trump’s leadership. How many places have you read or heard that? 
The stock market is topping levels never witnessed, unemployment numbers are at the lowest levels this century, jobs are being created at an unprecedented rate and our economy is robust and booming. In fact, at this moment in time there are more jobs available than job seekers to fill them. So why don’t we hear more about these achievements, oh I remember, it’s because the name that follows president is Trump.
Throughout history some of the most accomplished and most revered leaders were themselves morally questionable. Winston Churchill, JFK, General George Patton and even the great Gandhi were all world changing leaders that had moral shortcomings, but it never effected their ability to be great leaders that history will never forget.
President Trump is a pragmatic, tell you how it is, self-made billionaire and a masterful negotiator and business man and he is the President of the United States of America. Every time I hear either a reporter or an individual question his mental capacity or his intellectually fortitude I just have to shake my head. President Trump is the right leader at the right time for America, and the reason I’m so firm in saying this is because that is the story the numbers are telling us and numbers don’t lie.