Old, ornery, and irritated by politics


Sometimes — like these times — it pays to not have cable television, or dish or anything like that. It pays to have good ole antenna television and hope it goes out when the political commercials commence to airing. Seriously, how many times can we watch Delbert Hosemann sitting on the park bench next to the little old lady who can’t remember his name. I’ve seen it enough.

And now to add insult to injury  Jay Hughes is mimicking — or making fun of — Hosemann’s commercials with his own bench-sitter spot telling us Delbert’s is all fake and his little old lady is a Dallas actress and that Jay is the man to vote for and the granny sitting beside him is a real granny.  Enough. They are both television commercials. Neither one of them are 100 percent truthful. They are meant to lead the viewer to believe one way or the other.

They are leading me alright. Leading me outside on the porch where the crickets and frogs are honest and although they play their same sweet song over and over at least it comes from the heart.

Perhaps I’m just getting old and ornery, but I’m tired of Tate Reeves claiming to be the champion of public school education when he opts not to put his children in said public schools. By now everyone should know where he lives after all the hoopla surrounding the frontage road/driveway from the entrance of his gated neighborhood to a traffic light on Lakeland Drive in Flowood.

His house is in the Northwest Rankin School District. I know a bit about the Northwest Rankin School District. My daughter, you see, started kindergarten in that district and graduated with honors from high school in that district. She went on to double major in college and finish with two bachelor degrees and her masters six years later. She’s smart. Part of the credit for her success is her public school education.

I don’t believe that Tate Reeves really believes in the system. He doesn’t have a pony in the race which in turn could lead one to believe he doesn’t care. This past summer at the Mississippi Press Association Summer Convention in Biloxi Reeves was boasting, during a political forum, of the public school education he and his wife received here in Mississippi. I asked him then did his daughters go to public schools. He paused, glared at me and barked out one word...NO...and moved on to the next question with no further explanation.

His opponent, Jim Hood, is no angel either.  He used his office to try and expose Reeves’ driveway/ frontage road debacle which, as one of Reeves’ campaign commercials points out, was clearly an abuse of power.

I suppose come November 5th we’ll be voting for the lessor of two evils and each of us will have to make that choice in our own hearts.

We do have another week or so of hot and heavy campaigning for the statewide business, but unfortunately it looks like we’ll move straight out of Mississippi politics and right into next year’s presidential election. We could really use a break. Expecially with all this impeachment inquiry drama, and everyone telling everyone else what everyone thinks they said and/or didn’t say.

I’m pretty much to the point that I don’t believe anything either party says, and really wish they would both put a plug in it and get on with life.We common folk have a hard time understanding all the craziness that is Washington, D.C. like it is, but when they start pointing fingers and saying they didn’t say what they just said into the television microphone it really gets somewhat confusing. Irritating too!


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