Planned Parenthood admits abortion top priority


One of the biggest and most expensive frauds ever perpetrated on the American people is finally being exposed in the abortion factory, Planned Parenthood. For years this company has misled the public about abortion and rebuffed allegations of nunerous heineous and gruesome business dealings. In addition to being responsible for killing millions of babies, this company has been accused of partaking in human trafficking of children and selling the body parts of aborted babies. And all of this was being funded by tens-of-billions of tax payer dollars, but now  Planned Parenthood has revealed its true mission and priorities.          

Planned Parenthood has finally given-up its long-running charade as a women’s health organization. The company has admitted what we all know to be the truth, that it is a for-profit abortion first company. This abortion factory has been misleading the public for years under the pretense of being a not-for-profit “reproductive health care company.”

Last week the abortion giant dismissed company president, Dr. Leana Wen, over reported “philosophical differences.” Those differences were somewhat revealed in Wen’s resignation letter in which she indicated she “mistakenly thought she was working for a women’s healthcare organization that offered abortions, rather than an abortion first organization with a blatantly obvious political agenda.” The letter went on to surmise that Wen “believes the priority of Planned Parenthood moving forward is to double down on abortions and abortion rights advocacy.”

The resignation of Dr. Wen is somewhat surprising. She should have been the perfect leader for the government funded abortion factory. She is an unapologetic advocate for all abortion services, but it appears that Planned Parenthood’s actions are to repugnant even for this life-long abortion activist. Now that is truly saying something. 

Numerous reports indicate that Wen was dismayed and alarmed by the “rapacious” way the abortion organization wanted to advocate for more abortions and the way they enthusiastically celebrate abortions. For the life of me I cannot understand why or how any human being would celebrate ending a life before it ever had a chance. I can understand defending the position, but celebrating is beyond morbid.

Between 2008 and 2018, Planned Parenthood executed approximately 3.5 million abortions, averaging just under 330,000 abortions annually. During that time period the abortion factory vehemently defended itself as a womens healthcare organization all the while receiving over 11 billion dollars in tax payer money.

If you consider abortion to be the taking of a life, like I wholeheartedly do, Planned Parenthood would be the third leading cause of death in the U.S. behind only heart disease and cancer.     

A recent Planned Parenthood public relations campaign “This is health care,” claimed abortion is an important and vital part of womens healthcare. The company is attempting to change the perception of aborting babies by now calling it “abortion care” or renaming the procedure altogether. This sadistic company is pushing for more abortions in the future, including abortions up-to-the-minute of birth and immediately following.

Decades ago, abortion was described as safe, legal and rare. Today, Planned Parenthood is devotedly leading the campaign to change that mantra to abortion that is unlimited, unrestricted and unregulated. For years this company has lied in order to receive billions-upon-billions of dollars in government funding, so essentially the government has funded the biggest abortion factory in country. I believe the inhumane company should have to pay back every cent it has ever received, but that will never happen.

In my opinion, Planned Parenthood is one of the most depraved and wicked companies I have ever had knowledge of. I will always believe that, but at least this nefarious company has admitted what it truly is and what it stands for. That’s one more wolf exposed and forced to take off the sheep’s clothing.