Quirky observations early on in this decade


Well we’re not very far into the new year — and new decade — but already there have been several things that flat out, jumped out at me — politics excluded because that business jumps out, and up and down, and all around, all the time.

Seems to me that the local skunks might have gone overboard in celebrating the new year along Highway 21 between Forest and Sebastopol. A large number of them didn’t survive the réveillon, but they did leave a strong mark for future generations as was witnessed Monday morning on the drive to work.

Either there is an extremely long dissipation period of the 2020 version of “skunkroma” or there is very possibly some piece/part of one of those fuzzy little creatures lodged beneath my Jeep, or in my nostrils.

Along that same route, it has become apparent that several households have been quite negligent when it comes to taking care of their yard dogs. More than a couple of the pooches that normally chase cars have come to meet their demise along the roadside, and from the look of things the masters were not very fond of their pets or they just don’t give a hoot.

These poor fellows’ bodies have been left to rot for days and days on end. Had it been one of our dogs we would have tearfully scooped it up and given it the proper funeral. But then again our dogs are not allowed to play in the road and only walk in the yard when on leashes.

Folks living on a major highway really should take better care of their animals, or better yet think twice before offering a home to very vulnerable puppies if they are not planning on taking better care of them.

When it comes to keeping up with this new year, it is my observation that  small wall calendars, suitable for hanging in the kitchen for the purpose of keeping up with extended family birthdays and notable occasions, are either very popular this decade and have long since sold out, or are no longer popular enough to even sell, or perhaps I just waited too long to go in pursuit of said calendar, but I have yet to find one in town. Long sentences on the other hand are easy to find right here this year as in most years past!

Back out on the highways, smooth riding along Highway 80 in Forest is something we all get to enjoy in the coming year/years. Hopefully the short portion of the west side of the railroad overpass will get smoothed out real soon as well. I’m sure there is a reason that part of the roadbed was skipped over during the initial resurfacing but it can be kind of jarring as one heads into town from Morton.

Now if we could just get something done to that same highway from the Forest city limits on to the east side of the county we’d be in great shape.

It certainly seems that with all the Raytheon work out that way a four-lane highway all the way to I-20 would be in order. I’ve complained frequently in this space about those very narrow bridges and without a doubt Raytheon workers and those working on the new facility there feel the same way that I do.

And finally a bit on politics after all...and against my better judgement.

We will be seeing new faces in nearly all of our top state elected offices in the coming weeks. A new governor, new lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, state treasurer, as well as numerous district offices. We’ll also have a new senator representing our interests in Jackson. Tyler McCaughn will have some pretty big shoes to fill when he takes over retired Senator Terry Burton’s position, and although I’ve never looked at his feet,  for my money, he’s the right man for the job.

Let’s wish them all well. Their success can only bolster our success in 2020 and beyond.