Relax and enjoy the storms of life


Well, like so many others in our neck of the woods my yard is flooded. I was a little disappointed with the storm that passed through Saturday night. The rain was surely not needed, but if it had to rain, I was hoping for a good storm. I love a good thunderstorm. It is just something about the loud roar of thunder and the bright flashes of lightning that relaxes me. I was staying in Lake this past weekend and we got a little rain and wind, but nothing major.

I have never really understood why I love thunderstorms so much. I remember loving them even as a child. I would have to be made to come inside, because with thunder rolling and lightning flashing, I loved to just sit at the door or on my grandma’s porch and watch the clouds roll by. Even now that I am an adult it is hard to keep me inside.

While most whine or complain I love to get caught in a rainstorm. I always say the rain washes away my worries. I guess that is partly true. I love to smell a good storm coming in and know soon I will be relaxing on my couch watching my dog’s ears perk up every time a loud roll of thunder claps outside.

Besides my longing to relax, it really was a good thing the rain did not get too bad in our area. Many of the local high schools had prom scheduled this weekend. In fact, I spent my Saturday with my sister getting our nails done and doing her hair and makeup for prom. I enjoyed being able to spend the time with her even though we argued a little bit. Honestly though what siblings don’t argue? Proud to say our only argument was over eyeshadow when usually we can argue over any little thing.

It is hard for me to let my younger siblings grow up. Usually, I end up scolded for being bossy or “trying to run their life” as I have heard many times. I don’t consider it being bossy or anything like that. I just want them to learn from the experiences I have had and push them to be the best they can be.

Now the thing about my parents having three children is they also have three children with very different personalities. We all have similar qualities, but we clash often. As much as it kills me to say it, I am definitely my daddy’s child. We act just alike and sometimes when I open my mouth, I catch myself sounding just like him. It is a long generational curse of not just thinking, but knowing we are right. Now you put a family of five together where four of those five think they are always right and that fifth member, in our case my laid-back momma, usually gets a big ear full.

My poor momma has had to referee more arguments between us than anyone should ever have to. What aggravates me most is she never takes a side with any of her kids, she just listens to us complain, sometimes gives advice, and then just leaves us be to figure it out on our own. Sometimes we get past it fast and sometimes we drag it out for a few weeks or months.

I have a big personality and an even bigger mouth. I am known to be loud and funny, usually the center of attention. I am also a control freak. This is why I am so independent because doing everything on your own you do not have anyone to answer to or deal with.  Once you get used to that kind of freedom it is hard to incorporate other decision-makers into your life.

I think that has a little bit to do with my love of storms, it reminds me that there are way bigger things in life than what I can control. Even if I can’t control those things it reminds me just to relax, enjoy the storms of life and deal with everything it throws at me.

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