Sit back and enjoy the read


You’ve got yourself a handful of newspaper today with our annual baseball/softball section, and Profile 2019 — our largest project of the year — both included.

Looking back through the archives it appears that we started our Profile project in 2004 with a number of different themes centered on what makes our county special in economics, education, family and other amenities.

In the following years Profile  changed in many ways as some parts were phased out and new features came into play based on reader response and, honestly, just an attempt to make the whole thing a “better read.”

In 2015 we took off in a whole new direction with a “where are they now” theme in an attempt to tell the stories of the famous, and the not so famous as well. After all, it has always been my opinion that everyone has a story.

The new direction Profile took that year was an instant success, and we’ve stuck with it for five years now. The following year, 2016, we switched our format from regular newspaper sections to the magazine style you are holding today. That too was a tremendous success and with a little tweaking here and there continues to be popular with readers as well as the good folks featured within.

This year we ran into a little technical trouble as we dealt with staff illnesss, and the ever present issue of  deadlines that simply do not go away, so three of our 12 features are actually included in today’s paper rather than the magazine. They are still great stories and well worth your time.

I said it last year and I’ll say it again this year, we firmly believe that the reason this format for Profile has become so popular is because it is about you, the people of Scott County. People love to read about people. Especially people they know, or sometimes think they know, or perhaps that they would like to get to know a little better.

We print enough extra editions of this section to be able to give them away all year long. Every day of the week there is a stack on our front counter, and not many days go by that somebody doesn’t pick up one...or two. And, I promise you, hardly a week goes by that a customer doesn’t look at that stack, and the photographs on the front of the section, and say something like, “hey, I know him,” or “I went to school with her,” or “you know, that’s so-and-so’s son or daughter.”

The fact is that we decided years ago that we didn’t want to find ourselves proofing an obituary in this paper and saying to ourselves “wow, I didn’t know that” about someone and wishing we’d done a more in depth story on him or her before they were gone.

Profile gives you, our readers, the opportunity to say to yourselves the same thing — “wow, I didn’t know that.” Likewise we want you to be saying that to the people you meet inside these pages today, and to their mommas and daddys, and brothers  and sisters, and so on and so forth!

There are 12 great stories within  these pages and we know you will enjoy every one of them. We know this section will be around your house for a long time too, and like I said before, we’ll be handing them out — free of charge, of course — all year long as well.

Share all this good news with your friends and neighbors and if you or someone you know needs an extra copy we’ve got them on the counter at the office on Smith Ave.

Now sit back and enjoy the read!



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