Spring is in the air


With the warming weather it officially feels like Spring is upon us once again and I, for one, could not be happier with the fact the weather is warming up, flowers are blooming, and the daylight is starting to last a little longer into the evening. This time of year has long been my favorite despite my allergies to pollen and the ramifications that come with appreciating the new blooms each year.

As a child, after spending most of the winter months inside due to my Mawmaw’s reminder of “Girl, you need to get inside before you catch pneumonia,” at the first sign of warmth I was out of the door to see what new adventures await. This is why Spring has always been special to me. It was the start of my adventures for the summer. My first taste of freedom after being confined for those few winter months. I would run outside, take a deep breath in, feel the warmth from that Mississippi sun and know I was free to explore.

For all of my 26 years I have pretty much lived right here at home on the same old county dirt road. Dirt road living is different from any other way of living on any varying homestead. There is a peace you can only find down one of these dirt roads. The only cars that pass by are the neighbors and that is seldom and far between. You can go outside and get plum filthy and not have to worry about anyone seeing you outside of your high social graces. There is a whole lot of front porch sittin’, good food, bonfires, animals, and maybe even a few family get-togethers involved.

I used to complain about how dirty my car would stay from the dust I stirred up on the way out and the way back home every day, but now that I am a little older, and a lot wiser, I know all that is worth the peace of mind I get from living on our little family homestead. I enjoy being able to step outside and smell the honeysuckle bushes blooming and it immediately takes me back to my childhood when we would strip those bushes empty enjoying the little bit of nectar, we could suck out of each one.

I see the maypop bushes blooming and remember going on walks and collecting as many maypops as possible to make “maypop men” with them when we got home. (yes, my family taught me how to make maypop men especially since snowmen were few and far between.) I just had to be sure no maypops found their way up my nose; a sermon preached every year after my momma got one stuck in her nose when she was a child.

I see the buttercups blooming on the hill between my house and my parents house and immediately remember picking bouquets of buttercups and being threatened with a whoopin’ if I didn’t stop picking those pretty flowers because they “might not come back next year”.

Then I vividly remember moving on to pick the blooms of wild weeds that were growing in the field and seeing my Mawmaw smile and place those weeds in a vase and me leaving with the biggest grin with head held high because she treated them like the most gorgeous bouquet she had ever been given.

To be honest it was never really about the weather, time change, or bright colored flowers that brought Spring time to life and caused it to be my favorite season. It honestly is all about the memories for me. The small things I can recall from my childhood and the memories that come flooding back with every spring that rolls around.