Springing ahead to get a jump on the rain


And so it begins. The never ending chore of summer lawn care, that is. How can it be that the entire hill had to be mowed this past weekend and we’ve not yet had the first full week of March. How could it be?

Plus, mind you, the yard at the Reservoir house, where our daughter lives, also needed attention. How could it possibly be?

I’m afraid this may be the year we have to take on an extra farmhand at the Rez. It’s something that has been coming for years, but something I’ve postponed for those same years. Hire  help? Lord no, a cheapskate like me doesn’t like to pay for things he can easily do himself.

Problem is — and I’m certain on this — there are not as many days in a week anymore, and the weekends, I swear, have been cut at least in half. Or, so it seems when it comes to mowing the acreage, and picking up pine cones and putting them in a basket along with the sticks and stones and everything else that can break one’s bones.

Honestly, I just mowed over 90 percent of it all Saturday and Sunday. I figure it is my  mower, my blades, my yard, I’ll do with it as I darn well please.

Thank the Lord we’ll get our hour back on Sunday when Day Light Saving Time begins. I think I’ll go ahead and spring forward about mid-week, so the whole weekend will be filled with longer days.

I was commenting about all the above — bellyaching is probably the better verb — to my dear wife on Sunday and told her then that it is high time for this rain cycle to shift. Then I looked at the weather on my phone and the prediction is for rain, again, this weekend. Enough is enough!

Granted I know we’ll all be commenting/bellyaching before long about the drought-like conditions we have become accustomed to in the Mississippi summers, but for right now I’m pretty confident that my lawn and garden have had plenty of water.

Sunday night, we fired up the grill for a simple dinner of burgers and beans and just about the same time the charcoal got to burning good the rain got to falling good. I can handle cold, and I can handle hot, but when it comes to rain, there is only so much I can handle.

But, since there is absolutely nothing a mere mortal like myself can do about it, here’s what I’m going to do about it. I’m going to cook ribs, on the grill, on Saturday. I double checked the weather at press time on Tuesday and it seems that the chance of rain is “only” 90 percent Saturday morning and 80 percent Saturday afternoon.

That is okay. As previously stated, I’m springing the clock ahead about mid-week so the chance of rain at “my” dinnertime will be less — not a lot mind you — but less than it will be for the folks that waited ‘till bedtime to do the same. You might say I’m going to spring ahead to get a jump on the rain!