Sunset perspective


Saturday was spent outside at the park mostly for a birthday party and let me just say this sun is brutal. We were out there less than two hours and I was beyond ready to go cool down.

Just a little while longer and summer will be fading into fall. Leaves will change and the temperatures will drop. Until then I pray for the people who have to work in this heat all day and the footballs teams practicing sometimes twice a day.

Our little excitement came Saturday night after a brief cool down we decided to try and take a ride to Stuckey’s Bridge. If you are local you have probably heard of it and the ghost tales that go along with it. I had not been before and was determined I wanted to see if I could see anything paranormal. So, we were off and after a brief stop at two different fast food places because not everyone can agree on one thing, we were headed that way.

I watched as the GPS on my phone gave directions and got excited with every turn as the interstate changed to highway then with one more turn, we were on a dirt road. We were 0.4 miles away when my best friend decided to side with her husband and say we would have to come back in the daytime.  I tried to convince her to proceed forward, but it didn’t work out no matter how much I tried.

To be fair it was a tad bit creepy especially with the cross lit up beside the end of the road. So, home we went. No ghosts. No experiences. Just full off of tacos and burgers. I plan on heading back soon just to see what I can see. I’m not sure if any of the old tales are true or not.

Sunday morning, we woke up to the tin off of our chicken pens and one hen bleeding from her foot. Not sure what tried to get in there, but I have been listening for the dogs to bark and go check it out. They had spent most of the previous night barking, but I figured it was just the family of rabbits that live right inside the wood line at the end of my yard. So of course, I did not go to check it out.

I spent a good portion of that afternoon painting while I watched TV. I started off with my normal Sunday Golden Girls marathon then wanted something a little more exciting so I searched for some of the ghosts shows. I guess trying to fill the void left from the night before.

Nothing was on and I had to rely on the recordings filling my DVR. Nothing too good there either. My evening quickly wound down as every weekend does and we went for a little ride to visit my boyfriend’s family and then ride through a few backroads seeing how many deer and rabbits we could see. One thing that caught my eye was the gorgeous sunset. It was a beautiful bright blue with cream fading to orange. The black outline of the trees against the sunset as we rode made for a beautiful backdrop to end the evening.

When you sit under a sunset that big you really feel small and realize just how small your problems are. I had a few things go wrong, but overall it was a great weekend. Truth is when you think about it the heat wasn’t that bad when you are spending time with family and friends, our chickens turned out alright, we had some good meals over the weekend, and that sunset was a beautiful ending to another day in my story. Life is pretty good.