There is always a way


When it rains it pours and this time I’m not just talking about God and Mother Nature at work!

Saturday afternoon it was raining and I was sitting in the parking lot waiting for my wife, Danny, to buzz me on my phone so I, her Uber driver, could ease up to the front door and she could hop in. The lightening was cracking across the sky and it was so close I could almost see where each strike was landing. It was nasty and all of the sudden my phone buzzed and I jumped. It startled me for a second with all the electricity in the air, but fortunately it wasn’t a shock, just notification that my rider was ready.

Before long the stormfront had passed, we unloaded the groceries, and got back to our Saturday plans. We were going shopping at one house for stuff to go into the other one and I suppose it didn’t really matter if it were raining outside. By the way, the prices are great when you’re buying your own stuff!

Sunday came and boy was it a beautiful afternoon for porch sitting, if we could only get on the porch which is covered with construction supplies we are trying to keep from getting wet. Danny, was working on refinishing a bedroom door and I was working on hanging drapery and a fan, and we both thought we were trying to beat another storm that never materialized.

I suppose you can say we were trying to make hay while the sun shown, and if that really is the only way to make hay, and if the weather pattern we’ve been experiencing of late continues, the cows are going to be hungry when wintertime comes back around.

We figured it had to be storming somewhere since our antenna-fed television refused to show us the news, and country music we had downloaded to an old iPhone the day before blared out across our country hillside. All of the sudden between Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson the day turned to night and the hamburgers were yet to be flung upon the grill.

By the time we sat down to take a load off it was time to lay down and go to bed so Danny took the dogs out and I turned out the lights and we bid each other good nite.

Sunday nights are short, or so it seems, and by the time the dreaming began the clock clicked and it was time to go to work again — just like that, lickety split.

And now in a round about way we have arrived, dear readers, at the point where the “when it rains it pours” part of this story truly begins.

Newspapers, as wonderful as they are, have deadlines that are not wonderful at all. Our deadlines are on Monday and Tuesday so that you are holding this printed edition in your hands come Wednesday or Thursday. Or, I should say, you are supposed to be holding a printed edition on one of those days but unfortunately we have no control once the papers leave our own hands.

Monday morning I flicked on the lights and unlocked the office doors and began the routine of powering up the computers for another week’s edition. News Editor James Phillips arrived and began his regular Monday routine and asked if I too were having trouble accessing the network and the Internet, which in these modern times hold newspaper publishers hostage should either/or decide not to work.

True to the tune of “a typical Monday” both had been knocked out by that vicious lightening storm. Throw in two of our three phone lines that no longer accepted a ring and an AT&T telephone rep that couldn’t find us any help for another whole day and the beauty of Sunday fell wayside to Monday.

So when it rains it does indeed pour, but since you are reading this on Wednesday or Thursday, or you should be anyway, we were able to clean up the mess and get back on our way.

There is always a way, my friends, always a way!