Things must be worse than I thought!


I’ve mentioned it here in the past and sometimes it’s been done so in a positive revelation, sometimes negative. I’m referring to the lack of television reception we have at our house, having opted to go the antenna-only route. I’d have to say that for the last week or so I’m pretty content with only two network channels. Just one channel on particular days — we never know when that might be but that’s country life, I suppose.

It seems that the news isn’t so enjoyable as of late and at our house we don’t feel our day is complete without some connection to the outside world other than that of social media and trying to figure out what is real and what is fake.

Unfortunately it seems there is more fake news than real and it is coming from all sides of the political spectrum. It’s disturbing at times to see folks that I’d swear have better sense falling for some of the crazy monkey business out there. Of course on the opposite side of that scenario I know some folks that pretty much believe anything and everything.

My problem with all that social media mess is that folks are punching the share button, and the like button, and whatever other kinds of buttons they might find with no idea at all where any of it’s coming from. Just share and share alike!

My wife says I just need to let it go and either quit reading it or quit complaining about the same. Of course she’s right, but sometimes I can’t seem to follow her directive.

I’ll try harder.

But back to the television news, and the fact that we were down to just one channel for part of last week so we didn’t have to endure the constant barrage of coverage of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and whether or not he did any of the things that folks say he did or didn’t do. I have no idea who to believe most of the time and find myself wondering if I care, or not, anymore.

I do understand that is the wrong approach to take, but it’s simply a fact. A  fact that many of the weary among us are beginning to explore!

I never really thought I would rather be jacking up the underside of an ancient house, or cleaning brick from a recently torn down fireplace, or chopping down bamboo and  privet hedge, or of all the things regular readers know I am very tired of come this time of the year — mowing grass —  than snoozing on the couch on a Sunday afternoon watching the tube. But the truth is that in fact I would rather be doing any of those things than watching a room full of Republicans and Democrats barking back and forth at each other.

To add insult to injury the very good Grit TV channel, which shows old Westerns, quit working last week too. We had just taken a pretty good hankering to that channel — especially since it showed several of the old movies I first viewed as a child at the Roxy Theatre in Newton — when the dreaded “no signal” screen popped up. Dang-it!

Sunday afternoon we were down to Mississippi Public Broadcasting where we learned how to loosen the skin on a chicken, dig sweet potatoes from the ground, cook some lamb shanks that go by a fancy name, grind up some pears in a blender and freeze them into a snow cone, and among other things, puree some big ole squash into soup along with some carrots and wine. The wine looked better than the soup!

Wife Danny decided to go sit on the porch swing and read and I decided it was time to do some antenna rotation hoping to get Grit back, or at least something that had not been shown on the tube a dozen of times already. That’s when the power went out, even though  the weather was clear, and I was really bored then. Plus, I had already made my rounds on the mower.

In the end it was still better than watching the real news people talk about the fake news people and vice versa especially since we can’t figure out for certain which one is vice and which one is versa.

Thank God for Monday morning and the start to the work week.

Wait, did I really just say that?

Things must be worse than I thought!