Trash tossing trash


It is pretty clear that when we start measuring rainfall by the foot, rather than the inch, there is going to be the danger of a flood. There is absolutely nothing good about a flood.

We have been fortunate here in Scott County the last couple of weeks to not have had any more rising water problems than we did. Flooded ditches and yards, a few places where the water was running over the road, and I  eyed a couple of ponds that had topped out and were flowing into nearby pastures and streams, but that is about it.

To our north in Carthage and Edinburg there were some problems but nothing like further down the Pearl on the outlet side of the Ross Barnett Reservoir Spillway in Rankin and Hinds counties, and continuing a week later as flood waters moved into the counties on the southern end of the river.

Unfortunately — perhaps we could say fortunately depending upon what actions are taken — this is where I climb back way up high on top of my soapbox and start the litterbug rant.

Flood waters, like the kind we had in our creeks and roadside ditches, always reveal what a miserable bunch of folks are traveling up and down the highways, byways and even dirt roads of our lives. Specifically the ones throwing crap out of their windows, dumping crap at nearly every pull-off, and allowing crap to blow out of the back of trucks and trailers all over this beautiful countryside.

That crap floats folks! It floats!

And, when it floats back up from  weed and brush covered graves it is, simply put, a sickening sight. Sickening, and it makes me angry.

Styrofoam food boxes, feed sacks, beer boxes, beer bottles, aluminum cans of all kinds, cigarette butts, packs, boxes, cartons, you name it, it floats back up from where it was hiding if it was ever hiding at all.

Editorial cartoonist Marshall Ramsey, of Mississipi Today, a two time Pulitzer Prize Finalist, hit the trashy nail on the head last week when he debuted his cartoon entitled, The Second Flood (When the water goes down). It depicts two fellas up to their necks in plastic water bottles. “The third highest flood of record has forced 40 years of plastic bottles loose,” is the caption.

It is true, y’all! It is true!

Look around you next time you head just about anywhere, on any road. I dare say that we don’t even have to include the “just about” in that last sentence. Trash has floated up from all over the place during this flood of 2020 and has ended up, well, it has ended up all over the place.

I’m not going to say “we” should be ashamed, because “we” are not trashing the countryside. Or, at least, I can assure you that my wife and I are not the ones doing it. More often than not the two of us are picking up “your” or “some of your” crap on our road, or in our yard.

And, it’s certainly not just our road. It is everywhere, and the problem didn’t just start today, this week, last week, or last year. Some folks have been deeming it perfectly fine to be breaking the law in this trashy manner all their lives. It is just pitiful.

Our poor little old dirt road doesn’t even have enough traffic on it for there to be as many 12 pack, 18 pack and 24 pack beer boxes scattered between the highway and our house. Heck, we’re the first house on the road!

By the way, you have bad taste too. You’re buying the cheapest stuff you can find and, I suppose, drinking it while your driving too. So, you are breaking the law in that aspect as well.

Y’all need to clean up your act and quit tossing your trash. As a matter of fact, it would be a great idea for you to pick some of it back up too!

Now that I’ve had my say, I’ll put my box away...until another day.