Trump conceding is not always what it appears to be


I want to share a story about President Trump that gives a little insight into the way he works when faced with a dilemma. I did in-depth studies on our president a long time before he became the most loathed Republican president in history. I studied him when he was just Donald Trump the hugely successful and larger than life business man who loved putting his name on everything he owned. And there is a reason behind that you know. The Trump name is one of the most recognizable names on the planet. He has used that name recognition, his feel for people and his uncanny business sense to build one of the most powerful business conglomerates this country has ever seen.

It would serve the career politicians in Washington, and the terribly biased mainstream media, well if they would stop with the asinine Russian fiasco and look back on President Trump’s actions as he rose to be one of the wealthiest and well-known business minds of our time. From what I can tell his approach to dealing with people and problems has not changed much over the last 40 years.

The one thing about our president that still makes me shake my head is his straight forward approach to dealing with everything in life. President Trump has always freely spoken his mind and told everyone listening exactly what his plans are, but throughout his rise to power both his allies and enemies fail to listen to what he is saying.

The current stare down going on Washington was brought to a temporary halt this past week when the president agreed to a bill that allowed the government to reopen until February 15 while the two sides discuss funding for the border wall. Most mainstream media outlets reported this as the president conceding defeat and a huge win for the Democrats, but if they knew anything about President Trump they would know they may be playing right into his end game. The story below just goes to show how the president has conceded but ultimately got what he wanted when facing a previous stand-off with bureaucrats.

When President Trump purchased his Mar-A-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida he made one quick upgrade to the property. He installed a 80-foot flag pole with a true “Old Glory” American sized flag. Both the pole and the flag size were in direct violation of city ordinances and the two sides faced off in a legal battle over the flying of the presidents gargantuan American Flag. Does anyone else see a little foreshadowing here?

The city of Palm Beach fined President Trump $1,250 per day while the pole and flag remained in place on the estate. In rebuttal, the president filed a lawsuit against the town and the battle lines were drawn. After six months of legal arguments about this and that the two sides finally came to an agreement that would allow the president to fly his American Flag with a few changes, or at least that’s what they thought.

The agreement waived all fines against President Trump and the city agreed to review their “ordinances and codes dealing with flagpoles and flags.” The president agreed to reduce the flag pole height from 80 foot to 70 foot and move it farther inland on the property. Also, in lieu of paying fines both sides agreed that the president would donate $100,000 to charities dealing with Iraq War Veterans, The American Flag or the local VA Hospital. In the end it looked as if the city of Palm Beach had delivered a defeat to the great negotiator Donald Trump. But as the famous saying goes, “Here’s the rest of the story.”

President Trump moved the flag pole further inland and reduced the height of the pole by 10 feet just as he agreed. However, prior to re-erecting the flagpole, Trump had a 10 to 15-foot mound built at the site where the flagpole would be placed. So when “Old Glory” again went up to fly over Mar-A-Largo it is estimated that the flag flies at 83 feet above the ground.

The President while conceding and reducing the size of the pole ultimately put the flag back up three foot taller than it originally flew. As has been the case so often he ultimately found a way to get what he wanted to begin with. When it comes to the President, those rejoicing this concession might want to be ready for what is to come because I assure you President Trump has a plan.