We asked for it, we got it


How many times have you read in this space that I wish time would slow down? I don’t have the exact numbers, but regular readers know as well as I do it has been the topic of conversation quite often.

It’s time to fess up. I asked for it, I got it! The days are now so long, the weeks creep by and the last two months have me thinking we’re having a very mild summer for Mississippi, but it’s only May.

If this pandemic thing “had to happen” I wish it had happened when my little girl was a little girl. Time slowing down, families spending time together, all that good stuff.

I’ve been convinced all these years that the old timers were correct, and then when I got to be an old timer I thought for certain they were correct because I was seeing it myself. The fact, that is, that time moves more quickly the older one gets. We’ve been told that all our lives by parents and grandparents, and even the average Jane or Joe on the street — when we could still talk to the average Jane or Joe on the street — and it truly seemed to be the case. Then the spring of 2020 came along and time stopped. Stopped dead still in its tracks. Or, so it seems.

It appears that all these years our age had nothing to do with it. All along it was our lifestyles. Our on-the-go-all-the-time lifestyles. Now that we can’t go and do as we please, the weeks, and the months seem so much longer.

A lot is getting done, though, among the non-essential households. Closets are cleaned out, drawers of “drawers” have been cleaned out, and folks are finding all sorts of things that have been lost and/or forgotten for decades.

Memories are being shared of times gone by, by lots of folks who are pulling out old photographs and boxes of long ago packed away treasures. Sometimes all of this can be a bit on the melancholy side. Especially as Easter slipped right by almost unnoticed, and Mother’s Day came and went on Sunday and those of us that have lost our mothers wished we could have hugged them once again, and sons and daughters of the living wished they could have visited with their moms in person but erred on the side of caution.

My wife, Danny’s, birthday passed last Wednesday and there was no party or dinner out on the town. It so happens that my daughter graduated from Mississippi State with her masters degree on that same date three years ago and photos of that event popped up in Danny’s Facebook memories on her birthday.

There my girl was in cap and gown, complete with those honor braids and that colorful collar and I thought of this year’s graduates, those from the high schools, and colleges, and graduate schools all around. Especially the high school kids.

I see their pictures in yard signs all around the towns in this county and I remember the grand time my classmates and I had during the months leading up to graduation and especially graduation day.

There were theme parties and, pasture parties and some parties we probably shouldn’t mention here. We were lucky — so very lucky — to have lived in the time that we did. But, I dare say, there were times we probably thought that we were bored in little ole Newton.

Then that time flew by and instantly we were 18 no more. Soon we were 28, then 38, 48, 58 and now a little bit more. It all went by in a blur until 2020, and now time has come to a standstill. 

We only thought we were bored some 40 years ago! Now we are sitting in our cleaned up homes, with cleaned out closets and cleaned up yards, and we’re looking round and around for something else to clean up. At times — I think, but am not certain — we might even be wishing time would go by just a bit faster.

Yep, we asked for it, we got it, and now we don’t know what in the world to do with all of it. Time!


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