A week on the beach cures all


It was fun while it lasted, but I suppose all good things do come to an end. This in reference to the miracle ride Mississippi State University’s baseball team took us all on to the College World Series.

From a 0-3 start this season to being one win away from playing for the national championship was indeed a thrill ride for fans of the Bulldogs. It was a thrill ride for wife, Danny, and I right up to the very end trying to find enough AT&T service, on my phone, on our hill in Sebastopol, to see the final game until the end.

And, for us, there was hope ‘till the very end. We’d seen it time and time again in the regular season, and in the Regionals, and Super Regionals as the Bulldogs kept finding ways to win.

If you missed it Saturday night, the game came down to the very last out in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded and thoughts of another grand slam dancing in our heads for the win. Instead it was grounder, a forced out, and the end of the season.

Just wait until next year.

So, now with baseball season over, I suppose we can go ahead and set our sights on fall and football. Unfortunately, football starts before fall and Mississippi State’s opener on Labor Day weekend is destined to be hotter than you know what. That’s just one of those things we have to deal with. You gotta pay if you’re gonna play!

Rambling right along.

When it comes to holidays, there really isn’t a day less appealing for one to fall on than a Wednesday. That said, next Wednesday is the Fourth of July.

It’s barely worth even firing up the grill for a mid-week celebration, much less churning up a freezer of ice cream. By the time it’s all done, it will be bedtime. I suppose we’ll deal with it the best that we can.

Early weather forecasts call for a 50/50 chance of rain and thunderstorms on the Fourth and a high temperature around 90. If that pans out we may be cooking the ribs in the oven and porch sitting instead of pool splashing.

Oh well, we’ll know in a week.

In the mean time I’ve just about come to the conclusion that I’ve outgrown working. Not the paying kind of work, gotta have a paycheck — probably will ‘till the day I die. I’m talking about the manual labor kind of work. I may need to change my vitamin regiment or something because my motivational level has pretty much demised. Blame it on the heat!

Saturday I mowed, and mowed, and mowed, and ran the weed eater for way too long — which, in my book, is about two seconds after it fires up. I hate weed eaters!

Same goes for fire ants and flies, they were both out in full force this weekend as well. Same goes for privet hedge and the never ending battle with it seems to be finding me on the loosing end this week. Same goes with bamboo cane. If I could get bamboo cane to fight privet hedge I would be one happy man and not need to change my vitamin regiment at all.

Bad luck just seems to be coming by the truck load. The worms ate my collards, and radishes, and carrots completely up in one day’s time and now the entire garden is covered in white Sevin dust. I’m not sure why because there isn’t anything left in that part except the powder covered collard spines.

Fortunately, if there is any saving grace at all when it comes to the garden, it would have to be my tomatoes. I did find four tomato hookworms in their infant stage and throughly enjoyed squashing them to smithereens. My plants now stand over 10 feet tall and are loaded to the gills with fresh fruit.

I had to re-stick them on Monday evening, and, I suppose, if there is any of that saving grace left over when it comes to bamboo cane, it does make good garden sticks.

So, for now, I’ll quit complaining and start dreaming of a week on the beach in a couple of weeks. Everybody knows a week on the beach cures all. Plus it beats a vitamin regiment any day!

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