Arrest Report March 14

The following persons were entered into the docket at the Scott County Detention Center February 28 - March 7. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Joshua Jay McDonald, 23, 37 Craft St Morton, misd - DUI First Offense, Suspended drivers license, implied consent, Failure to show proof liability insurance

Richard Bobbitt Jr, 35, 1341 East 4th St Forest, felony, dugs possession sched I (Heroin, meth,etc)

Tracy Robinson, 45, 329 Towner Dr Lake, misd - DUI first offense

Walter F Felix Rameriz, 23, 814 Wilson St Forest, misd - assault domestic violence

Logan Gabriel Steptoe, 18, 672 Watson Dr Forest, felony - statutory rape

Latasha M Watkins, 38, 500 Midway Odom Rd Forest, misd - contempt of court

Donny Ray George, 24, 10500 Rd 101 Union, misds - drugs possession marijuana in motor vehicle, reckless driving, improper equipment, contempt of court

Reshetta Latrant Benton, 28, 112 Payton St Forest, felony - embezzlement

Jakarian Hickman, 20, 535 Well St Philadelphia, other - hold for other agency, felony - trafficking in controlled substances

Jimmie Terrell Harrison, 43, 559 Haralson Rd Forest, felonies - trafficking in controlled substances, weapon, possession of firearm by felon

Jamarica Williams, 20, 1415 Hwy 487 Sebastopol, misd - embezzlement

Richard Epperson, 49, 1709 Calle San Juda San Benito TX, misd - disorderly conduct, failure to comply, disorderly conduct, public profanity

Willie Mack, 69, 807 Davenport St Forest, misd - public drunk

Joshua Bland, 29, 401 N Second Ave Forest, other - contempt of court, misd - contempt of court, failure to pay fines/ restitutions

Donnell White, 50 1167 Hwy 481 North Forest, misd - DUI first offense

Jessica Nidiffer, 30, 129 County Clanton AL,

felony - drugs possession sched II (opium, Cocaine,etc), misd - drugs possession marijuana 1st offense

Terry Lavon McCurdy, 39, 297 S Rasco Lane Forest, other - contempt of court/failure to pay fines/restitutions

Kelvin Bridges, 45, 607 Popular Ave, Forest, felony - drugs possession sched I (Heroin, meth, etc), misds - drugs possession marijuana 1st offense, drugs possession paraphernalia, other - bond surrender on previous charges

Jeremy, 25, 89 Burks Lane Forest, misd - DUI first offense, speeding

Jason Dewayne Reed, 36, 276 North 3rd Ave Forest, misds - drugs possession marijuana in motor vehicle, suspended drivers license, implied consent, improper equipment

Jermond Townsend, 38, 115 Pepperridge Rd, Lena, misd - DUI first offense

Jamie Lee Bloodsaw, 54, 309 Pace Rd Forest, misds- alcohol possession beer/wine in dry county, drugs possession paraphernalia

Billy Dan Snow, 24, 2340 SCR 135 Morton, misd - assault domestic violence

Kenny Reed, 52, 372 Old Hwy 35 Forest, felonies - drugs possession controlled substance, drugs possession sched I (heroin, meth, etc), misd - drugs possession marijuana 1st offense

Christy Dannelle Fortenberry, 33, 111 Old Black and White Cemetery Rd Forest, misd - malicious mischief/ vandalism

Patrick McMillan, 32, 1439 Mcmillan Rd Forest, misd - larceny all other under $1000 (pet)

Anthony Anderson, 48, 1957 Anderson Rd Forest, misd - Assault Domestic Violence

Storm Joseph Manuel, 26, 288 Green Grove Rd Lake, misd - contempt of court/failure to pay fines/restitution

Kendy Christy Ramirez, 21, 814 Wilson St Forest, misds - leaving the scene of an accident, attended vehicle, suspended driver license implied consent, failure to show proof of insurance liability

Maria Delourdes Ramirez, 45, 311 S. Little River St Forest, misd - contempt of court

Timothy Jerome Rasco, 40, 155 N Rasco Rd Forest, misd - trespassing

Manteo Marquezes Lucas, 26, Hillsboro St Forest, misd - profanity/dunk in public

Julio Alonzo, 20, Hillsboro St Forest, misd - profanity/drunk in public

James Lee Stewart, 28, 4157 Damascus Rd Walnut Grove, misd - disturbing the public peace

Billy John Jones, 36, 1515 Homewood Rd Forest, other - writ to take custody

Arnold Hearst, 70, 535 Gainey Rd Morton,misd - DUI first offense

Kane Joseph Guilbeau, 37, 1963 Irby Morton, felony - larceny, all other, under $1000 (pet)

Darrell Walton, 47, 199 Ephesus Rd Forest, misd - assault domestic violence