Arrest Report October 9

The following individuals were entered into the docket at the Scott County Detention Center September 25- October 3. All individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Johnathan Keith Wilkerson, 27, 212 Mingo Rd, Brandon, MS, Larceny- All Other- Over $1000.

Fredrick Lachon Haralson, 44, 363 Haralson Lane Road, Forest, MS, Failure to Appear, Hold for Other Agency.

Adel Shawn Mozeb, 32, 58 Behind nursing home, Morton, MS, Burglary, Larceny- Over $1000.

Christopher Demond Price, 36, 47 King Road, Forest, MS, No Drivers License, Tag Switched, Hold for Investigation.

Keshun Jamal Robinson, 19, 3917 Hwy 80, Lawrence, MS, Burglary.

Machandy Lageorge Bobbitt, 33, 933 Stowers Rd, Forest, MS, Contempt of Court.

Jamari D. Boyd, 23, 1103 Salem Road, Forest, MS, Fraud- Credit Card, Use with Intent to Defraud.

Catherine Townsend, 20, 487 Hunter Rd, Lena, MS, Trespassing, Public Drunk.

Shakendra Lanette Wash, 34, 415 S 1st Ave, Forest, MS, Trespassing, Disturbing the Public Peace.

Jimmy Dale Miles, 38, 890 Beatty Rd, Pulaski, MS, Public Drunk.

Larry Earl Ealy, 27, 1285 Old Jackson Rd, Forest, MS, DUI-First Offense, Speeding, Failure to Show Proof of Insurance, Seatbelt Violation, Suspended Drivers License.

Alenjandro Lopez Perez, 21, 715 Wilson St, Forest, MS, Failure to Stop/Yield for Emergency Vehicle, Driving without Headlights, DUI-First Offense.

Eduardo Casanas, 37, 101 Oak Dale Ave, Morton, MS, Speeding, Failure to Show Proof of Insurance, Drugs-Possession of Marijuana.

Marty Joe Wilkerson, 47, 15 Gray Rd, Lake, MS, DUI-Second Offense, Reckless Driving-First Offense, Suspended Drivers License.

Sabrina Maria Spivey, 19, 3740 W Moore-Tower Rd, Forest, MS, Fraud-Credit Card, Use with Intent to Defraud, Hold for Investigation.

Timmy L. Derrick, 50, 677 Power St, Forest, MS, CAPIAS-DUI

John Ealy Wiedman, 59, 337 Holmes St, Lake, MS, Disturbing the Public Peace, Drugs-Possession Paraphernalia.

Shartart Monique Anderson, 22, 131 Pine St, Newton, MS, Disturbing the Public Peace, Drugs-Possession Paraphernalia.

Tony Remone Evans, 43, 169 Battle Road, Forest, MS, DUI Third or Subsequent Offense, Alcohol Possession of Liquor, Speeding, Suspended Drivers License, Failure to Show Proof of Liability Insurance.

Quinvelle Quarles, 30, 000 Herritage Glen Dr, Gainesville, GA, Fleeing/Eluding in M/V Felony, Escape of Prisoner, Drugs-Possession of Controlled Substance, Careless Driving, Drivers License- Suspended.

Charles Crain, 33, 1106 Trickhambridge Rd, Brandon, MS, Court Order, Hold for Other Agency.

Tiffany Bracey, 31, 431 E Seventh Ave, Morton, MS, Assault-Domestic Violence, Contempt of Court.

Christopher Jerome Bracey, 32, 431 E Seventh Ave, Morton, MS, Assault-Simple.

Jimmie Dee Graffenread, 47, 244 Hillsboro Rd, Forest, MS, Assault-Domestic Violence.

Angieleah Denise Tubby, 28, 498 E Old Hwy 13, Morton, MS, Failure to Appear.

Shawn David Dobbs, 29, 1280 Clyde B Road, Walnut Grove, MS, Drugs-Possession Controlled Substance.

Jonathan Jabar Fulton, 36, 3926 Warner Ave, Jackson, MS, Assault-Domestic Violence.

James Terrell Carter, 41, 357 Wilson Rd, Decatur, MS, Drugs-Possession Marijuana, Drugs-Possession Paraphernalia, Disorderly Conduct/Failure to Comply.

Jordan Pace, 18, 721 Ephesus Rd, Forest, MS, Disturbing the Public Peace.