Secret treasures hidden in the walls


This freight train called the holidays is really moving through town at breakneck speed. Last week I swear I could hear the wooshing sound of Thanksgiving flying by. And fly by it did.
Monday morning as I was laying out this edition of the paper I read in our Coffee Talk columns that some of our columnist felt the same way. It’s time to slow down Santa Claus. Please!
I can tell we are getting old when it comes to Christmas. Wife Danny and I have both agreed that our gifts to each other this year will consist of building materials and paint as house renovations will resume in January.....maybe February.
In addition, daughter Rachel-Johanna has placed on her Christmas list a new bedroom set and the remodeling of a small guest bedroom at her house into a dressing room. A dressing room, mind you, where she can put her purses and shoes on shelves and sit back and look at them. Or at least at Thanksgiving dinner that is what she told my mother she would be doing in there. I suppose it is better than trivial things that would just end up in a closet or a box headed to Goodwill come spring.
I must admit that I’m not really looking forward to more painting and sprucing up at her house when we’re not even close to being done with that sort of thing at our house, but typically for the past 23 Christmases she has gotten what she ordered so why would it change this year.
I do understand purple is involved, though. Hmmm!
Speaking of our house, the Sunday before Thanksgiving we were finishing up the trim work in the dining room and doing a little optical illusion work as I refer to it on a crooked doorway leading into the back bedroom.
That door facing had been there since before I was born, and all my life I’ve heard there was treasure hidden in the walls somewhere in that old house. Well, on November 19, 2017 I found it.
Unfortunately it wasn’t the bag of money my grandmother claimed had to be hidden in the walls somewhere but it was still a treasure. Or at least a treasure to me.
Hidden in the door facing that I was tearing out to create my illusion was one of my great-grandfather’s fishing rods. Your guess is as good as mine as to why it was there.
I was showing a photograph on my phone of the hiding spot and the treasure to some friends of mine Thanksgiving Day in Starkville and wondering out loud why in the world he would have hidden that rod away there. My friend said perhaps the wondering was the reason. So that one day someone would find it and wonder about it just as I’ve been doing. Perhaps that is correct!
As far as Thanksgiving in Starkville goes, we had a wonderful tailgate spread before the Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss football game. We did things a bit different for this holiday game and prepared a sit down dinner at a huge community table for about 60 friends and family members under a long row of tailgate tents.
It was real nice. We had a fried turkey and a smoked turkey and we even grilled a turkey on site on a rotisserie over hot coals on the good ole Weber. It was fine too.
What wasn’t fine was losing our star quarterback in the first quarter, losing the game at the end of the evening, and losing our coach by the end of the week. When I’m saying “our” I’m referring to Mississippi State not Ole Miss, just in case you haven’t heard.
There were some nasty injuries, nasty penalties, nasty plays and really nasty personalities on display in Davis Wade Stadium but I suppose that is the nature of this rivalry. At least “our” bowl game is still coming up, as for Ole Miss, last Thursday was as far as it goes.
Fortunately for State’s quarterback, Nick Fitzgerald, it looks like he will be back in time for Spring practice even though it looked like his foot was about to fall off Thursday night. Dislocated ankle they say.
As for coach Dan Mullen, all good things must come to an end. Lots of people have been calling for a coaching change in Starkville and as I told one of my friends Sunday night, if he doesn’t want us, then we sure don’t want him either.
It’s strange, isn’t it, how multi-million dollar salaries affect a person’s loyalty? Or, so it seems to me, even though I’ll never know. Unless, of course, I find that sack of money!
I am looking forward to next year. Next football season, next Thanksgiving, and Christmas 2018, I suppose, because this one will be gone before we know it.
Listen close, can you hear that wooshing sound as the Christmas train flies by?