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Happy Birthday :

Feb 26: Mrs. Ida Lott, Warren Jones, Jr., Wade Moss, Betty Gancan, Heath Clark, Frank McCurdy, Wayne Culliver, Susan Horton, Eddie Gay, Tami Phillips.

Feb 27: Jeff Dukes, Mack Young,  Barbara B. Pryor, Judy Jones Smith, Faye Chambers, Wesley Allen Majure, Deanne Kemp, Connie Leonard Hunter, Charles Harris, Brandy Edwards, Gina Mangum, Elizabeth Ann Barney, Jameson Davis.

Feb 28: Haywood Reeves, Steven Gaddis, Chuck Hollingsworth, Janice Fortenberry, Ray Thompson, Jr.

Feb. 29: Will Chambers.

March 1:  Pam Smith, (Frances B. Kieronski,) Otis Johnson, Marcia Huff, Annette Brignac Veazey, C. H. Watkins, D. C. Smith, Steve Wilbourne, Steve Brown, Brandon Lee Baker, Colette Halford.

March 2: Neal McRainey, Allen Sparks, Mark Upton, Joey McCann, Angela Cole, John A. Park, Jr., Nora Harrison, Bryan Cook, Coty Cox, James Halford, Roger Walters, Austin Coward.

March 3: Eve McNeil, Ronnie Rawson, Carol Palmer Threadgill, Sylvia Tucker, Cheryle Warren, Matthew Parks, Sylvia Smith, Lucretia Gaddis.

At the Madison Central High School basketball playoff game against Hernando, Judge Tom and Norma Ruth Lee were joined by several extended family and former Forest Bearcats who came to cheer on Tom Lee III. They all enjoyed seeing Tom III score 18 points in a big victory for MC. The supportive grandparents will travel to Olive Branch on Saturday where MC will play the number one team in the state. Good Luck to Tom III and his teammates.

We send our sincere sympathy to the family of Oliver Triplett, who died late last Monday night. He leaves behind his wife, Carolyn Triplett, brother, Don Triplett, son, O.B. and his wife Ingrid Triplett and grandchildren, Beaman Triplett and Olivia Triplett. Preceding Oliver in death were his beloved parents, Beamon and Mary McCravey Triplett, and his son, Cooper. Services were conducted by Ott and Lee Funeral Home with visitation and funeral at the Forest Presbyterian Church, Friday, February 21.

Glad to hear Raman and Jay Patel returned to Forest Thursday after having spent over two months in India with family and friends. Welcome home!

Paul and Ann Meek Christopher of Chattanooga, Tennessee, were in Forest briefly on Thursday en route to visit family in Clinton. 

People are still talking about the very special dinner Michael and Gina Gibson brought to Forest for his father’s 91st birthday on February 15. Best Wishes, Dink!

Forest residents Jo and George Taylor and Judge Tom and Norma Ruth Lee happened up with each other when both couples were at Broadmoor  Baptist Church in Madison to see their youngest grandsons play on their respective Upward Basketball.

An amusing leap year story arrived this week. Years ago, in Forest and else where, children played outside a lot more and little boys rightly deserved the reference of ”snakes and snails and puppy dog tails...”  There was a wet, muddy area, only a short bike ride away, a recognized favorite hangout of frogs. One energetic young man, who will remain nameless, captured an array of frogs and brought them home in a box.  He proceeded to let all the frogs loose throughout the house, shouting, “Happy Leap Year!” It was such a surprise, and the mother was NOT happy. After a hearty laugh, he  rounded them all up and set them free in the yard.  What a memorable event, for sure!

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