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Happy Birthday:

April 8: Yvette Brown, Carolyn  Harrelson, Vickie Mangum, Judge Tom S. Lee, Leslie Webb, Mrs. Carlton Hines, Margaret Madison, Troy Stewart, Betty Frances Chesnut, Freida Fillingane, Sean Franklin, Rebecca Patterson, Vicki Sawyer, Allen Butler, Martha Bell Pinter.

April 9: Tommie Lynn Vance, Mrs. Daniel Hall, Kathy Ezell, Shelton Roberts, Kathy Austin, Theresa Burgess, Raydell Ellis, Joni Alumbaugh, Lorene Brittain, Sherrell Brown, Anita Garey, Mary Frances Bryant.

April 10: Bobby Mahaffey, Linda Herron, Edna Beaver, Carl Jones, Hugh Hughes, Colleen Scott, Jamie Thigpen Murrell, Chris Strebeck, Archie Robinson.

April 11: Bertha Emmons, William Lee Fortenberry, Cheryl Rasco Smith, Bobbie Robinson, James D. Ramey, Jr., James McAdory, Jr., Sydney Leonard Mahony, Beth Eason, Mamie Spencer, Kimberly Spencer, Peggy Brenton.

April 12: Frances Madden, Helen Lewis, Susan Brantley, Martha May Tarrer, Carolyn Triplett, Mark Chambers, Michael Carter Gaddis, Woody Burt, Ron Buegel, David D. Tadlock, Robbie Sue Harrell.

April 13: Bernice Wise, Hilda Crain, Sandra Durham, Lea Ann McMurphy Burns, Danny Williams, James E. Rushing, Dawn Windham, Travis Wolverton, Brett Barton, Beverly Puckett.

April 14: Joe Tadlock, Kathie Goodwin, Carnathan Driskell, Roy Noble Lee, Jr., Peyton Eady, Jr. Franny Thompson Camilletti, Kelly Lee Wells, Susie Tinnen, John Vincent, Kathy Wilbourne. 

Guess you may have heard that Ouida Lowe Mitchell is now with Jesus where she has wanted to be for so long. What a joyous reunion she must be having with those we all love who went before her...her mother and siblings, Meredith, Ronnie, Willie Mae, Maybeth, Ben, and so many others. (Merrill is rejoicing in her sadness, saying she chose April Fools Day so we would always remember her departure date!) 

There are no services planned at this time but a memorial service may be scheduled in the future. Ouida is survived by two children, her younger son, Tim Mitchell, who lives in Utah, and  daughter, Merrill Mitchell of Dauphin Island, Alabama, grandchildren and great grandchildren, all of whom she greatly loved.  The family appreciates so much the thoughts and prayers from all of you.

Coronavirus explained easily (an explanation young people might understand!)

• Karen got infected yesterday, but she won’t know until 14 days later.

• Karen thinks she’s healthy and is infecting 10 persons per day.

• These 10 persons think they are okay, they travel, go out and infect 100 persons.

• These 100 persons think they are healthy and keep infecting 1,000 persons.

• No one knows who is okay or who can infect you.

Do you understand why it’s important to stay at home?

Be responsible.  Stay in quarantine.

And on a serious but lighter note…

Fifty ways to beat this virus

Stay away from the pack, Jack; Don’t visit your Gran, Stan; Wipe down every toy, Roy; tTo keep virus free.

Don’t hop on the bus, Gus; Don’t listen to Don, Ron; Don’t hoard the TP, Lee; just stay virus free.

Sneeze into your sleeve, Steve; Stop touching your face, Grace; Keep back to 6 feet, Pete; heed the CDC.

Just use the Purell, Nell; Keep wipes in your purse, Nurse; Take care of your stock, Doc; you need PPE.

This isn’t Spring Break, Jake; Stay home if you’re sick, Dick; As COVID leaps, peeps; Just follow the rules, fools; and stay virus-free!

(Author unknown)

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