The Message


God is Love!

By “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.” (Psalm 42:1)

I’m always spiritually attracted to someone who is “desperate” for more of God. You can see the longing for more of the Heavenly Father in their face, and especially in their eyes.

Friends, this longing for more of God is the “best” evangelism tool to use in witnessing to the lost. People in today’s generation are looking for hope and answers, but they want “real”, not mere words thrown in their face.

Bottom line: We can scream, holler, and push salvation in people’s face all day long without much results, but if we will just choose to fall in love with Jesus, our Savior, allowing His love to flow through us to others, we will see many, many more souls come to Him. In other words, “talk is cheap.” Living a life of God’s love and hope is a magnet to the lost. One of the successes of evangelist Billy Graham’s ministry was his deep love for God. That love spilled over into his ministry and touched thousands of lives.

If someone wants to share with me how to be successful in a certain area, the first thing I do is look at his or her life. Are they successful or are they just speaking words? Yes, people desire “real.” This is the same for those who aren’t saved. They want to see hope and light at the end of the dark tunnel for their lives. They will look at the way we live, treat others, and handle life’s challenges. If they see Jesus (Hope) in us as we live our lives, they will hunger for what we have. People are always seeking true answers to life.

If we share Jesus in love with the lost and invite them to church, but when they come they witness arguing, gossiping, complaining or members demanding their own selfish ways, why would they want to stay? Their response would probably be, “I see enough of this behavior every day without going to church!”

No, we’re not perfect. “We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23) But if the lost see us walking with Jesus with a hunger for more of Him, even when we stumble, they will want and desire what we have!

In this crazy world, Jesus is peace and the lost souls in this world are desperately longing for that peace. Yes, the only answer is Jesus!

Today, let’s choose to live a life of Love (God) and allow that love to spread to others. “Let others see Jesus in you…” Great, successful evangelism……the way we live and treat others. I encourage you to begin your day with God through devotions and prayer! Remember, prayer changes everything!

Jesus is the answer! Jesus is your answer!