Miss Hattie


This is a new recipe shared by a friend, and we have all made it at least twice...maybe more.

For the ingredients you will need:

6 cans cut string beans  (any brand) and drain 4 cans of beans into a Dutch oven

Fry one half pound of bacon until crisp and set on paper towels

Slice and chop  two onions until very thin and caramelize in the bacon grease  add a little more cooking oil if needed

Add 1/2 cup brown sugar and stir the beans well.

Stir, the beans well over medium heat.   Transfer to a slow cooker and cook for 1-3 hours.

Chop the bacon and place on top of the beans!

A 3.5 ounce can of real bacon bits can be substituted for the one-half pound cooked and crumbled bacon.


I guess most of you know that I have a new puppy...kinda.  Walker sent a text a while back and said that he had found a German Shepherd puppy for me and would bring it over that afternoon after work. I was so excited, because they know I love German Shepherds.

Well, when this “puppy” got out of his truck..I learned that the puppy was ten months old and weighed about 70 pounds. We had a nice meeting, and of course I had to lean on the ramp to keep him from knocking me over. I can tell that he is so very smart and his name is Onyx. But he is larger than I thought. After careful consideration, I checked the yellow pages to see about “Puppy University.”

I found one not far from our house, and signed him up.  And with the grandchildren...and me....I did not want him to jump up on us. 

Well, Onyx graduated with honors — I think —because he can “sit” and “stay” and “heel.”  We go walking twice a day to the mailbox and back and he (so far) heeds my commands. And he is so beautiful. Walker says his mom is solid white and his dad has the usual German Shepherd markings.

And he gets along well with our black lab..Bella.  So now I have two dogs to walk with each day and I am getting exercise as well!

Some April tips:

Remove any freeze-damaged and dead wood.

Prune Azaleas during or after blooming.

Disbud roses and peonies to help assure success.

On smiling:  If there is a smile in your heart, your face will show it.  From:  The Complete Book of Zingers by Croft M. Pentz.


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