Morton News


Announcements:  Morton Barter Day Festival will be held at Roosevelt State Park on Saturday, October 13 from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.  The activities of the day will include a Fundraiser Cake Walk, a variety of games, arts and crafts and a county- wide garage sale.

New hours for the Carlisle Crisis Center are Mondays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. -2 p.m.

The Morton Homemaker Volunteers wish to express gratitude to the following individuals who shared in making possible the long awaited ceremony dedicating Mississippi MHV signs at the Welcome to Morton entrances.  This indication of the presence of the MHV organization in the town joins the other civic entities’ signs located there showing service to the town and surrounding communities. 

This word of appreciation goes out to City of Morton Mayor, Gerald Keeton and his staff for their cooperation during the years of planning for the event and placing the signs and for his welcome speech to those present; Representative Tom Miles of District 75 (Scott/Rankin Counties) for the presentation of a resolution from the Mississippi Legislature commending the organization for their thousands of volunteer hours donated to state, county and local projects; the Morton Police Department for directing traffic so that attendees might be safe at the site; the male members, Toney Hollings, John Wesley Patrick, Melvin Roland and Chester Sawyer of the Morton MHV Club for acting as hosts for the month of October and helping direct parking; Scott County/MSU Extension County Coordinator/FCS, Anita Webb, County Officers and Morton MHV Club officers, Lisa Alford, director of the Morton Chamber of Commerce. pecial appreciation goes out to Dr. Paula Threadgill, Associate Director at MSU Extension (campus) for her presence and support; Sylvia Clark, Extension Associate 1, 4-H and Family Consumer Science; State Council officers present, Lynda Smith, President, Shirley Sawyer, Secretary; Vivian Moore, Past President and Capital Area Jr. Director Kathy Warren and Mikhala Parker from the MHV Extension Service communication department.  Others joining members and guests were some members of the Pontotoc and Leake County Councils.  Also thanks to the local press and the staff at Roosevelt State Park for preparing the delicious meal, served at Pavilion #2, following the dedication ceremony.  Another who should be mentioned is Dallas of Custom Products in Flowood for working over many years to assist in the design/production of the final product.

Congratulations to:  George Taylor of Forest on being named/honored as ECCC's 2018 Alumnus of the Year.

To: MSU Bulldog Quarterback, Nick Fitzgerald on breaking the SEC rushing record held by former Florida Gator, professional athlete, sports commentator, Tim Tebo.

To: Former Bulldog quarterback/coach Rocky Felker on being named to the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame.

To: Former Bulldog team member, Mardye McDole on being named to the SEC Legends Team.

Both of the individuals named were honored on Scott Field during the MSU-Auburn game.

To: Melvin Roland Member of the Morton MHV club (Club Education Chair-Environmental) on receiving the proclamation from Tom Miles, representing the Mississippi Legislature, due to his many hours on an environmental project of collecting/processing and delivering aluminum cans for five plus years producing the funds to purchase four signs and provide the complimentary meal for guests. This dream just happened to come to realization during the celebration of the 100th year of MHV (beginning with Tomato clubs and Home Demonstration clubs) through the MSU Extension Service.  The efforts of members, friends and even strangers in donating cans were responsible for the success of this project.

 To: Larry Brooks, recipient of the Dowsing-Bell Valor Award during the MSU Sports Hall of Fame Gala.  The first time award honoring the Frank Dowsing and George Bell, both members of the Bulldogs football teams 1969-1972, given to Mr. Brooks was an inspiring moment during the evening. Paralyzed from a broken neck during a game while playing for Head Coach, Bob Tyler, Larry was told that he would never walk again. On Friday, September 28, 2018 he walked up to receive his award with only the assistance of one crutch.

Prayers and concern for: Virginia (Mrs. Keith) Gordon, Harry Stewart, Derrick Hudson, Bennett Arthur and Mozelle Massey and continued concern for Fannie Porter and Cathy Bates.

Sympathy to the families of: Katee Wedgeworth, Herbert Boyd Williamson, Teresa Walden Doyle, Elmer Harville, Jr., Johnny Jean Pennington (native of Polkville) L. A. Bowie and Prentiss Wayne Moore.

Travelin’, visitin’ and such:  Mel and Frisky Roland attended the “Old Coaches Reunion” held every two years for those team members, student trainers, managers, former coaching staff and cheerleaders who played/served/cheered during the time of head coaches, “Slick” Morton, Murray Wormouth, Darryl Royal and Wade Walker (1949-61). They enjoyed activities with friends and their guests while attending the Sports Hall of Fame Gala at the historic Cotton Mill on Friday evening, breakfast at the pavilion at Plymouth Bluff Center in Columbus (hosted by Charley Weatherly and Robert “Red” Collins) and lunch at The Cake Box Bakery/Restaurant in Starkville.

Kelly and Liz Nash were among the thousands of auto enthusiasts on the Mississippi Coast for the “Cruisin’ the Coast” event this week.

It was a pleasure to see and visit with former Morton resident, Ed Jones, now of Dallas, Texas at the Seals Building, with other M Club/Bulldog Club members, prior to the MSU-Auburn game.