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Bound to Excel could use your help

Announcements: A class on making easy knit loom hats will be given at The Excel Learning Center in Morton, on October 11 and 18. There will be two time slots 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Sister Rita Goedken will be the instructor. The fee will be $12.00

Bound To Excel Mentoring Group Seeks Support. Anyone wishing to donate contact Andre Hollis at 601-942-8409.

Pleasant Hill M.B. Church will be having their Annual Women’s Day Program on October 21, 2018 at 1:15 p.m. Jacqueline McDougle will be the speaker.

Happy Birthday To: Laverne Davis. Renee McDougle. Shenell Pace, Jasmine Earby, Chris White and Inez Boyd.

Prayers For: Cleveland Nichols, Rev. Neal Keeton, Betty Brandon, Joe McDougle, Mary Helen White, Rosiland McCoy, Laura Newell and George Newell.

Food For Thought: Jesus understood the great power that was at His disposal. Of course, Satan won’t tempt us to turn a stone into bread or throw ourselves off the roof of our church building; he knows our limitations.

Jesus knew He could make rocks into food and expect angels to catch his fall. But he chose the way of suffering the way of the cross over the path of instant glory and fame. Jesus suffered for us.

His temptations were far more intense than any, we will ever face and the stakes were much higher. Just think if Jesus had weakened and succumbed, we would all be lost in our sins.

Jesus stood firm against the enemy. We all face temptations, and as the days get darker, the fight for loyalties and for our very souls will become fiercer, But God has provided all that we need the powerful truth of Scripture.