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Happy Thanksgiving you’all!

A minister on TBN suggested we consider Thanksgiving as Thanksliving!  I consider it both.  This is a wonderful time to just stop and count our blessings.  We live in the most desirable nation to live in, have the most religious freedom, have great health care and the list goes on and on.  Again, I say to each of you, have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

EBC NEWS:  11/27, Wednesday, our youth will be preparing their Annual Thanksgiving Meal delivery. They will help prepare and deliver Thanksgiving meals for elderly and shut-in’s, for people in our area;  Sunday, 12/8, our Adult Choir will present their cantata “His Name is Jesus” during the morning worship service.  This will be followed by a pot blessed meal in the FLC.  Everybody is welcome!

Prayers needed: Jean Haralson, Sue Croxton, Harmon Latham, Ronnie Haralson, Helen Greer Conn, Doris Greer, Joyce Everett, Truman Bell and Keith Jones. Sincere sympathy to the Gene Lantrip family in the loss of their loved one.

Remember, the chance to change your Medicare Supplement and Drug plan is just right around the corner - 12/7.  People without serious health problems can usually find a good savings on both if you spend a little time searching.  If was certainly worth time spent for me. You never know until you try!

This week Senator Michael Guest announced great news for the chicken producers in Scott and adjoining counties! “The USDA Foreign Services announced the reopening of the Chinese Poultry Market to American Farmers! These poultry products have been banned since 2015. It will end the ban and open the largest export for American producers. As the third largest poultry producing Congressional District, this is welcome news for the Agricultural Community and the third Congressional District.”

“Breaking News — Trump to start deporting Democrats!  Mexico responds by starting to build the border wall!”  Of course, this is a joke, but something needs to stop all this TV reporting!  It is very depressing, to me,  and the Off button is easy to punch on the remote control!

“Red not Blue” had this to say. “I think, actually the Administration should do exactly the same thing to Joe Biden. That it should release the transcripts of his conversation with Ukraine!  Use the same standard they are using for President Trump on Joe Biden.  Let the American people read the transcript and decide.” (Senator Ted Cruz)

Some funny statements I came across this week — Two blondes were talking, “I took a pregnancy test today.” The other blonde asked, “Oh, were the questions hard?” — “The kids keep laughing about my memory. They won’t be laughing when there are no eggs under the tree.” — “Hillary Clinton said she is under lots of pressure to beat Trump in 2020.”   No! Not Again!”

To be rich is not what you have in your  bank account but what you have in your heart!

I would rather have a few friends with a double chin than one with two faces!

Satan doesn’t even own the keys to his own house, don’t give him the keys to yours!

I got a call from a telemarketer just a minute ago, she said “I can’t understand you,”  so I told her, press one for Southern!”

Everyone makes bad choices in life, but that doesn’t mean they have to pay for them the rest of their life!  Sometimes, even good people made bad choices, it doesn’t mean they are bad. It means they are human.

Have a wonderful holiday filled with good food and family!  Remember, Christmas is just around the corner.


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