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Memorial Day - May 25, 2020

Do we all need to be reminded what this day truly means? It’s not just end of school, not just a day to travel, not a day of fun, but a day set aside to “Honor the commitment and courage and sacrifice of those who gave their life to Secure the Freedoms for their fellow citizens!” This should never just be taken lightly!  For too many, the upcoming Memorial weekend will be little more than the first day of summer, a day off from work and cookouts.  Sadly honoring “Fallen Heroes” is not commonplace any longer and unless future generations are taught that their freedoms were purchased at a great price, the true meaning of Memorial Day itself may become nothing more than a memory.

This time of shelter in placewould be a perfect time for parents to explain, to their children, what this day represents. Maybe, have a little ceremony of saluting the flag and a short lesson on the true meaning of Memorial Day.

“Wife and I went to store, with our masks on, got home – took off our masks – brought home the wrong wife. Pay attention people!

Face Masks. “If you are ugly, but have pretty eyes, this is your chance to shine!“

“Smithfield Foods to be sold to Chinese firm for $4.72 Billion plus cash. This $4.72 Billion, plus exchange of debt, totals $7.1 Billion. This makes this purchase the largest Chinese takeover of a U.S. company, according to Bloomberg News.  This deal will require approval from U.S. Regulators before it’s final. While America is too scared of the virus to notice, China is buying our banks, oil fields, farms and other businesses.” Wake up!

“If you think the Coronavirus pandemic, in an election year, right after failed attempts against Trump, is a coincidence? You might be dumb as a rock!”

A tomato family is walking down the road, baby tomato falls behind, daddy tomato goes back and smacks him on the head and says “Ketchup!”

Please take your clothes out of the closet regularly to air them and allow them to stand in sunlight. Recent studies have shown that clothes, kept in closet during lockdown,  will shrink!  (good to blame it on this, instead of over eating!)

Franklin Graham is in Alaska, meeting with military and local officials, about their need for the Samaritans Purse field hospital to treat Coronavirus patients. They are faced with the challenge of trying to prepare for the Salmon Season in light of the Pandemic.  Small communities in the Bristol Bay will be faced with the influx of 10,000 to 15,000 commercial fishermen for the months of June and July. Please pray for this initiative that it will be a Bright Light, showing the love of God while they are there.  As always, we go to bring help in Jesus name!”

Great News: Central Ms. Library System is announcing that “Book Drops will be available at selected Libraries. It will be open at Forest beginning on Monday, May 18th.  All returned items will be in quarantine for 14 days, in a designated area, of the library.  Beginning May 26, curbside services will be available at Forest from 10 a.m. -5 p.m.”  Go to website for full details at  cmrlslibrarynews.blogspot.com. They posted this notice “Dear Valued Patrons, On behalf of our entire family of Librarians, we want to than you for your support during the last couple of months!”

Branson Farms, Philadelphia, Ms., has posted that they have milk both regular and chocolate,  butter and ice cream — vanilla, lemon and chocolate flavors.  Support our Farmers!    

Since the Agriculture Dept. has allowed local farmers to sell directly to the public it’s really simple and doesn’t take much effort to find members for local farms.  Once you talk to a farmer, he/she will know the numbers to help with this.  By buying a steer from the farmer, by paying the processing fees, you cut out the middle man and don’t have the additional cost of USDA certificate, etc. You wind up with better quality and help a local business during these difficult times. The farmer can give you numbers of local butchers.  There is not a shortage. It’s just the big meat plants are facing closing due to Covid#19!!

Why is it so cold in May?  Y’all done messed around and got the sun sick. Told Y’all to stay inside!

I have a personal prayer request.  Daughter, Pam Jeffries, husband, Jim was in a hit and run accident last Saturday in Greenwood, Ms. He was walking in a crosswalk and a car ran into him.  Has had surgery and Is in ICU at UMMC.

When was the last time you saw God do something really big and powerful? Think about this. God is doing something big and powerful all the time! He’s making the sun come out every morning. He wakes up the birds, makes sure the ocean waters stop exactly where it should.  He helps your brain think and your heart beat. All these are pretty amazing and powerful things God is doing, but we hardly ever think about them.

Have a blessed week!


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