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Pray for people in the storm damaged areas

Our hearts have to be saddened each time storms hit anywhere in the world. Prayers can be given by anyone. Most of us cannot go to physically assist, but our God hears our prayers and answers them. There are so many thousands that will return to see the devastation of what awaits them. If you plan to donate money, do the research to be sure it is actually going to help and not get in a scammer’s pocket!

EBC news: Special offering next Sunday for Margaret Lackey Missions.(This is for our state missions offerings. ALL proceeds are used for missionary causes within the state of Mississippi); The Speaker for last week’s Senior Luncheon brought us a very inspiring message. We got first hand information of the way women and girls are not respected and are abused in some foreign countries. This was a wake up call for us to be thankful we live in America. Our speaker found Jesus through a co-worker and eventually was relocated to America. She has a beautiful Christian testimony.

Prayer concerns: Linda Rigdon, Jeanette Barrett Carpenter, Truman Bell, Graden Crimm and Carolyn May Haralson. Our sympathy to the families of Tommy Smith and Artis Spivey in the loss of their loved ones.

“Yesterday I wore something from 5 years ago and it fit!!! So proud of myself! It was a scarf. But still, let’s be positive here.”

This past week I heard of a “Noonlight” app that can be installed on a phone to keep anyone safe. (After it is installed) Example: a person in college that has to go by themselves to a night class. They open up the app and keep it active while they are out. If they get in trouble they just signal a distress and the app pinpoints their location and sends it to police. (This is supposedly a free app.)

Joke of the week— “A man was patching a pitch roof of a tall building when he began sliding off, he prayed ‘Save me Lord and I'll go to church every Sunday, I’ll give up drinking. I’ll be the best man this city has ever known.’ As he finished his prayer a nail snagged onto his overalls and saved him. The man looked up at the sky and shouted —”Never mind, God, I took care of it myself.” (Isn’t this what most people would do?)

“What to eat when you are over 70+.” Starting at age 40, we lose 1 percent of our muscle mass each year. This is where protein helps! The Government advises consuming a minimum of 46 grams a day if you are a woman and 56 grams if you are a man. But in a 10 week study, some men in their 70s ate the recommended amount above and some were given twice the amount. At the end of the study the ones that ate the smaller amount had lost muscle and the ones that ate the higher amount had muscle around their core and increased their leg strength. If eating around 100 grams of protein seems like a lot, it’s not. Just cut out the bagels and cookies and eat lean meat, fish, eggs, milk, yogurt, nuts and seeds.” (Copied from August/September AARP Magazine on a Health Alert of “The Rules of Nutrition Don’t Work If You're 70+”)

This is just one of the reasons that I am a AARP Member. “An Investment in Hope” AARP said “We join the fight to find treatments for Alzheimer’s and other devastating diseases of the brain by donating on our 60th anniversary, $60 Million in the Dementia Discovery Fund. This fund provides financial capital to companies working on drugs to treat or cure dementia. But, we didn’t stop there. We helped secure $10 Million from United Health Care Group, the provider of certain AARP-branded products and services, and Quest Diagnostics, which invested $5 Million. That’s $75 Million to energize the fight against brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, which has not seen a Food and Drug Administration approved treatment in more than a decade. By the way, AARP boast membership over 38 Million.”

Tip of the week: “If you get a small scrape or nick while doing your chores, an easy soother is a dry tea bag soaked in cold water for a few seconds. Place it over the cut/scraped area. The tea will stop the bleeding and the pain.”

Have a God blessed week and share it with others.