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Summer Feeding Program

Summer feeding  program at Scott Central begins 6/4/19 - 6/27/19 These meals are provided for children ages 0-18 and the elderly who are in need of a meal.  It runs Monday thru Thursday, (closed Friday) and time is 10:30 to 12:30.  There will be no take out meals! (Check out other schools that may have this same program in your area)

Looks like we are going to do some praying to get rain.  This hot weather kinda “snuck” up on us. I know the hay farmers are happy to have a weather break to get their first cutting.  This story has been passed on through the years at Ephesus —  This area is having a serious dry spell. It was decided, by the church body that they all should meet just to pray for rain.  When the appointed time came they came in wagons, horseback and by foot and prayed, serious prayers, for rain to fall. It wasn’t long before their prayers were answered and rain came. The thing that made this unforgettable was that only one person brought an umbrella!

EBC NEWS:  6/5 visits to nursing homes. Prayer concerns; Larry Driskell, Joyce Everett, Ryan Burkes, Gina Mangum, Donna Riser, Truman Bell, Leo Robinson, Sue Fortenberry, Hannah Bridges, Nancy Hollingsworth, Ralph Irvin, Willie McTurner and Nelda Holifield. Sincere sympathy to the family of Dwight Comans  in the loss of their loved one.

“It was a clean get-away in a Massachusetts town.  A man came home to find that someone had broken into his home.  But, nothing was missing!  Instead of stealing, the intruder or intruders cleaned the house. Everything was immaculate and even the bathroom’s toilet paper was made up in the design of a rose.  He thinks the cleaning service got the wrong address and entered through the back door, that he forgot to lock.”  (First thing I thought, wonderful surprise and then the thought of a stranger being in my house would have been scary. Thanks, but no thanks!)

“Kudos to the manager of Cracker Barrel for not turning off the Christian music that was playing. A customer complained because he was offended. The customer told the manager they would leave if that music was not turned off. The manager said, have a nice day!  The song played until it ended and another Christian song came on.  The customer said “some people are crazy” and he said it loud enough so everybody heard him. Another customer thanked the manager for what he did and said it loud enough so every customer heard him too!  The morale of that story, Christians need to start standing up!”

A little boy was sitting on his steps eating candy, just as fast as he could unwrap it. A man passing by ask him “Did you know that candy is not good for you and will spoil your dinner?” The little boy replied, “I don’t know about that as my grandpa lived to be 102 years old.”  The man said “wow, you mean eating candy?”  The little boy said “no, by minding his own business.”

Recipe for homemade oatmeal cookies:  (2) sticks melted butter, or margarine; (1) teaspoon baking soda; (1) cup sugar; (1) cup S.R. Flour and (2) cups oatmeal (quick). Mix all ingredients together with a spoon.  Drop by spoonful of mixture on slightly greased cookie sheet.  Bake 350 degrees for about 15 minutes.  This makes about 3 dozen and for smaller amount, cut each ingredient in 1/2.

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing so some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. (Hebrews 13:2)

You stopped going to church  because of hypocrites?  So when will you stop going to work?

Have a blessed week and stay safe from this heat wave!