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Thanks for Electricity

So far this Sunday afternoon, we have been blessed not to have the bad things happening weather related. The news coverage makes me think of “crying wolf” so much that we probably pay less attention to their warnings. The Sunday “demon” was in our electric system this morning. Right before time to leave for Sunday School services the power went off, seemingly, in most communities around serviced by Central Electric. We were all truly blessed that the hot temperatures were no longer with us and the power was restored before church service time. 

EBC NEWS: Attendance was good at morning services; we were blessed to have six people to be baptized and three family members to join us with promise of their letter. God is good, all the time; We were pleased to have Bro. Victor Bugg in the Baptismal service to baptize two of his granddaughters; 

Prayer concerns:  Leo Robinson, Sue Croxton, Wanda Williams McGee, Martha Bell Pinter, Terry Wolfe, Harold Ishee and Billy and Ella Ree Scruggs (family of Doris Cupit)

It's a Boy. Baby shower for Danielle and Zack Gardner will be Sunday, July 28 at 2:00 in the FLC.  They are registered at Amazon, Target and Walmart.

Late Night Extra at Ephesus after the evening services on July 21st. The speaker will be Devin Cooper.

I managed to mow my yard Saturday ahead of the incoming rains, (second time that week)  When I walked out, I had a thankful moment. In my house I left my washer, dryer, dishwasher and my Robit floor sweeper going. Yes, we have servants — they come, thanks to our electricity! Then I got on my zero turn lawnmower for a couple of hours. Life is good!

Mouse Chaser. Mix equal parts of flour and fine-grained cement in an old pan, in your outside buildings, where mice and rats bother things. They eat this mixture and die! Best of all the cats and dogs won't bother this mixture.

Leftover food storage. Instead of buying plastic containers for storing food in the refrigerator,  just use glass jars. You can save the ones that you get pickles, salsa, etc. in.  These containers are basically free and can be washed and reused forever.

The media is blaming the Earth Quakes on Climate Change!  Everyone knows it’s the Founding Father’s rolling in their graves!

Congratulations to Courtney Hollingsworth Weaver (daughter of Corbert and Cathy Hollingsworth) on her International  Championship Competition in Auctioneering! You go girl and make  Mississippi and all women proud!

A little information on Forestry. The Mississippi Forestry Commission manages 480,000 acres of sixteen section land in 67 counties across the state. Timber sales directly benefit students attending nearby schools. Last year these sales amounted to approximately $10.3 Million.

A father said to his son, “Be careful where you walk.”  The son responded, “You be careful, I walk in your footsteps.”

There are nine minutes during the day that have the greatest impact on a child.  First three minutes is when they wake up. Next three minutes after they come home from school. Last three minutes of day before they go to bed.  Make these minutes special and help your children feel special, love and accepted!

Have a God blessed week!


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