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Make plans now for Sebastopoloolza

Prayers and concern for the following people: Mike Ware, Kim Kiddy, Karren Abel, Hugh Douglas, Hardy Maxey, Ryan Sistrunk, Charles Cecil Thrash, Bobbie Jo Gibson, Larry Loper, Dot Gainey, Teresa Breedlove, Retha Rhodes, Betty Wall, Willie Graham, Clara Brown, Ruby Power, Randy Boatner,  Dale Boykin, Steve Spell, Keith McCraw, Andrea Arney, Betty Maxey, Myra Bankston, Shelia Towner, Lakishia McPhail, Joe Breedlove, Paul Comans, Joe Walker, Jim Phillips, Renita Wilcher, Thelma Sistrunk, Katherine Madden, Evonne Hudson, Barney and Mott Green, Kenneth Graham, Sue Pullin, Harmon Lathem,  Larry McDill, Shelia Hedrick, Kameron Buffington, Kolby Buffington, Steve King, Shanna Thrash Cumberland, Kemper Gomillion, Wyatt Gomillion, Shirley Boxx, Sada Sistrunk, Brenda Joyce Abel, Charles Breedlove, George Fisher, Carleton Thrash, Frances Loper, Zack Embry (son of Vickie Powe) and Joseph Embry,  Johnny Thrash, Cliff Woods, my sister Gloria Boozer.

Pray one for another. We all are in need of prayer as we face the difficulties of today’s society.

Happy birthday to the following people: Mark Abel, Stetson Tucker, Wendy Tucker, Samantha Boykin, Rose Loper, Tyler Comans, Kelsey McDonald, Peggy Hunter, Brandon Sistrunk, Steven Creel, Leslie McDonald, D. J. Monk, Davis Killen, Johnny Thrash.

Beginning September 15 at 5 p.m., Salem Cumberland Presbyterian Church will begin a Bible study on Revival and Redemption. All are invited to come and be a part of this study. Refreshments are served afterward.

Our neighbors in Walnut Grove will have The Roux on Saturday, September 21. Support our neighbors.

Coming October 26 is the annual Sebastopolooza. Start making plans now for this fun-time event.

Steam Mill Cumberland Presbyterian Church will be holding a revival September 22-23. Evangelist is Luke Lawson. Everyone is invited to attend.

Youth rally will be held at Salem C.P. Church on Sunday, September 29, at 5 p.m. Everyone is invited to attend.

Thought to ponder: “Help others when, where, or how you can, for someday it may be your turn to receive that help.