Union Grove/ Steele News


Wash your hands often

Thanks to all who came out and worshipped at Union Grove UMC Annual Spring Revival.  This Sunday, March 22, we will host our annual Men’s Day Program. Our very own Pastor EJ Shepard will be the speaker for the event.  We pray to see you there.

A word from Pastor Marcus Mann.  We may be going about our business as usual, enjoying the day, then we get a call that tragedy has struck. Or we get a bad report from a routine medical test. Or we go to work like we have for years and the boss tells us he has to let us go. Some storms we never see coming, they just come upon us without warning.

Those storms may take us by surprise, but they never take the Lord by surprise. He sees them long before they get to you. And not only does He see them, but He already “prepares” for them — just like we prepare for the storms when the weather announcer warns us. The Lord — Jehovah-Jireh (God our Provider) — has seen ahead and made provision for the storms that come upon your lives.

He has a more than sufficient supply of grace prepared for you. His goodness and mercy are waiting to follow you through the situation. His strength is ready to be poured out in your weakness. His power is available. His wisdom is there. His own presence will go with you and His comfort will not forsake you.

So you don't have to fear the storm when it comes suddenly upon you. Remember that Jesus is not only with you in the storm but He has already prepared everything that you need to get through it.