Union Grove/ Steele News


Christmas Programs set for December 14

Union Grove & Sylvester UMC will host their Annual Christmas Program on Saturday, December 14 starting at 5 p.m.  at Union Grove UMC in the Steele Community.  This event is opened to the public and we pray that you attend.  There  will also be Family and Friends Day on Sunday, December 29 at Union Grove UMC.  This event is open to the public and will start at 11 a.m.  Again, we pray that you come out and worship with us and please pass the word along about any service being held at UMC.  Our Church is also collecting coats for kids that were affected by the ICE Raids.  If you would like to donate a slightly used coat by December 08, please contact me at 601-507-9567.

A word from Pastor Marcus Mann:

We live a world that is full of warning signals. The yellow light on a traffic light warns you to slow down and get ready to stop. The signal lights at the railroad track warn you that a train is coming. The sirens at the local Civil Defense warn you that a tornado is in the area. The rippled asphalt on the side of the highway warns you that you are getting off the road. All these warning signals serve a purpose. They let you know when you are in danger. They are meant to be heeded and not ignored if you want to be safe.

There are spiritual warning signals that let us know when we are in danger spiritually. The most dangerous place for us to be is in a place of luke warmness. There are warning signs that will let you know if you are there. Some of them are: lack of love for others; lack of love for God's word; lack of prayer. How are you treating others? Are you exhibiting the Fruit of the Spirit in your life? Are you going for days without picking up your Bible and reading it? When was the last time you prayed-- only when you have a need or are in trouble? Is your assembling with other believers going lacking? Are you hungering and thirsting after righteousness? Are you doing the first works? How do you spend the majority of your time?

If you are seeing these things in your life, they are warning signals. Pay attention to them. If you are driving and approach a railroad track and the crossing gate comes down in front of you….you are not going to keep going, you are going to stop. You will heed it or you are putting yourself in grave danger. Heed the spiritual warning signs, don't ignore them or you are putting yourself in the danger of becoming lukewarm.


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